should i book a tour or go solo?

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i just picked up a contiki magazine and was skimming their european tour and it seems very tempting. it would save me a lot of money(i think) since i am one of those on a budget. its their winter package for 23 days. but then again.....i would like the freedom to explore on my own and it doesnt really say how much freee time one would get or allowed. ahhh. has anyone been on a tour-bus and what was it like?

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My personal opinion is that I wouldn't go with Contiki, because they seem to cram lots of things in very little time, and you're less independent than you would be had you done it solo. I think that you pay an ok price for the amount of travelling you are doing, and you meet lots of people, but I'd prefer seeing less and taking my own time, than cramming many cities in a few weeks. You get a better feel for the place you're at that way, and if you like the place you're at, you can stay extra, or if you really don't like it, than you can go on to the next place. Also, lots of times, you get suggestions from travellers and locals while you are there to see certain places and if you're solo, you can go ahead and fit it into your plans. Contiki's cool, but definitely not if you're a go with the flow kind of person.

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thanks travelover,

i think its good advice. i was kind of scared going alone, er not knowing where to go, but that is half the adventure. i like to roam and be free.

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I didn't read the other responce, but take some sage advice: Anyone who wants to travel can travel in Europe as long as you use your brain. DON'T book a cheesy tour. You will miss EVERYTHING that you are dying to see and you will want to go back when you have scraped and saved for a decade and see everything all over the world. There is something in this world known by people on the internet called the backpacker's network. Say you are backpacking and you will have friends to travel with. And when you want to be on your lonesome, you can break free of those interesting people without guilt. If you think you are a little ignorant buy this book twice, "The Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring." Buy the most recent book now and then save as much as they tell you (generally, $50/day of your trip for your trip). If another one comes out before you have to fly, buy it and sell the old one to a poor idiot for a nickel. For the rest of your budget, bookmark,, and Then go to and get info on travel by train and staying in hostels (ignore packing advice, seriously. Anyone who recommends that you wear black for months has absolutely no fashion sense !!!!! Take my advice: get a black backpack instead!).

Have a great trip!



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Uhm. Perhaps before ignoring my packing advice, you should actually read it. I never at any point suggest anyone should wear only black for months on end. I recommend people pack dark or neutral colors to avoid showing dirt and so that clothes can be easily be mixed and matched.

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