what are some good clubs in sydney?

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I arrive in 3 weeks. I gotta celebrate with some beautiful gyrating local females. who's in?

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Would be easier if you specified what you're after.

There are some clubs which attracts a lot of backpackers. Like the gaff, world bar and three wise monkeys. Often got good offers through your hostel if you're staying in one. Like one hour of free beer at the gaff two times a week. At least it used to be like that. World bar got music quiz nights where you get free entry drink and can win bar money. These clubs are normally good places to meet other travellers, but nothing really special.

Sydney got quite a few really good clubs in my opinion, often with international DJs and several bars and dance floors. I really liked tank, home club, chinese laundry, arthouse, candys apartment, moulin rouge and greenwood. My favourites are tank and chinese laundry. Quite expensive, but good places. The crowd consist of mainly locals. Half of them is on ecstacy though. But man, nice chicks.

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hmm I'll travel and stay at hostels with fellow travellers.

but going out...I want to meet the locals. Expensive isn't too bad every once in a while, as I would pre-game it any way. I'll definitely look into some of those places. thanks

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the cargo bar in darling harbour is awesome! great if you want to try and chat up aussie girls :D but they are a bit more upmarket nevertheless a great bar on a fri and sat with quality music and not many fellow backpackers if u want a break from them which trust me u will after a while !!

all the best mate
might c u in there

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There is a free clubbing listings mag that you can find in the cool t-shirt shops around the city. There is a whole pile of stuff going on at all times.

DJ Shadow is playing in a couple of weeks. Tiesto is playing an uber 2 nighter at Hordern Pavilion in a few weeks too as is Armin Van Buuren.

And Sydney is super expensive these days but ifyou shop around or pick up the flyers in the hostels for cheap and free entry that should help you along.

There is a new house night opening this Friday and another one somewhere else opening a week later. Plenty to do.

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DJ Shadow?! holy...thanks for the heads up. A quick search and I see Mos def is joining him in sydney and melbourne. I'm gonna have to get into one of those shows. I'm not even a big hip hop fan but his style is pretty cool.

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Anyone got any tips on clubs with decent, not too stuck-up atmosphere spinning drum n bass, breaks, acid techno or non tear-inducing trance in Syd? I don't really mind lack of backpackers, or loons on E, haha I'll probably be around in Sydney in April, and up for a night out on the town, especially if they'll be people like DJ Shadow and Buuren around! Might try and catch Shadow in Brisbane, actually, if tickets aren't sold out (hah....)

I'll have a google of the clubs mentioned in this thread anyhow, cheers guys.

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Dont know any specific clubs, but check out www.inthemix.com.au.
Its a site for clubbing and electronic music. Got a "whats on" site where you can check everything thats happening in the club scene in all major australian cities.

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