HEEEELLLLP!!!! Sydney for Christmas, but nowhere to stay!!!!

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1. Posted by godriah24 (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning on arriving in Sydney with my girlfriend around mid December but, (as I was told not to do) I've left it too late to book a hostel and now they're all full!!!!! Can anyone give me any ideas as to where to look or even better put us up for a couple of weeks!!!!! We will be more than happy to pay our way/work for accom, sleep on the floor, camp, sleep under the sink!!!!! basically anywhere as long as we can see Chirstmas day on Bondi, and see the New Year in at the Opera house.

We're a Welsh couple aged 24 & 21 been travelling since March 04. Started in Canada-USA-Hawaii-Fiji-N.Z.-Aus. Been here since July and am currently in Melbourne about to travel to Adelaide and the the round trip up to darwin and back down the east coast via Cairns etc.

Would be very grateful of any help.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Jaimie & Danielle

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Hi have you tried hostelworld.com You may get a few beds there but might also have to deal with staying in larger dorms etc. as there may not be the room you were originally looking for.

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Do try www.globalfreeloaders.com

It is a website where you can get free accomodation with Asutrailians will to take you into there home.It is real good, im booked up with a few families for my travels.
Good luck to you both
happy travelling

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that link to the freeloaders website didn't work it came up with some big essay thing about industrial revolution

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Fixed up that link... must be frustrating for that site since a lot of people know it as freeloaders and that domain name is taken by some essay whereas the actual domainname is with global in front of it...

By the way; Jaimie and Danielle, have you tried the hostel booking system here on the site? It uses the same info as hostelworld although it might be a bit early for the online system to show availability for December. Also, as that is such a busy time for hostels, they tend to upload a lot less availability online than they might have available if you called them and they are willing to take bookings over the phone (a lot of hostels aren't). The accommodation data here on the site is also complemented with hotels and last minute hotel data which considering there are two of you, might actually be cheaper at that time of year than staying in a hostel, if you are willing to share a double or twin room that is.

HTH, Sam

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I just tried the globalfreeloaders link and it worked ok for me. Try clicking it in fresh to your mani browser and not from the post i added.
I hear that Sydney is getting well busy and difficult for accomodation during december, so suggest that everyone who is heading there get booked up.
Also anyone who wishes to meet up during december get in touch as im meeting up with some other members.:) So we can all party on down lol.

happy travelling