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What are the visa requirements for an American? How safe is the country, especially the capital? Cost of living? From SouthEast Asia, where do flight mainly originate from? Also, where do most flights from Tehran go to cheaply in Europe? Thanks so much.

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not too sure but as an american there are a few places I will never go. iran is high on the list. Our current relationship with them is not too stable. In fact our government just had to issue a statement that we are not looking for a war with Iran. Which, to me, means that Iran thinks we are looking for a war.

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US citizens can get a tourist visa to Iran, but only when they travel in an organised tour. Contact

Iran is very safe to travel in - it is a police state, they have got the people including the criminals firmly under control.

Most people travelling on their own in the country need about 20 USD per day.

Flights from SE Asia to Iran will mostly go via the Gulf states. Any big airport served by the gulf carriers will do. Gulf Air is one of the carriers that goes to Shiraz and Mashad, not just to Tehran.

There aren't any cheap flights from Iran to Europe. Instead you fly from the gulf states to the UK or from Turkey to Germany. It is possible to get from Tehran to Germany for 50 EUR in the off-season by taking the train to Istanbul and then flying from Istanbul Sabiha to Germany.