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1. Posted by monkeeee (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Heya there! Thanks for reading this.

I'm at uni atm, but finish in a couple of years and am going to head around the world!

I have a good idea on the countries I want to visit and what I want to see, but I need some advice! If anyone could answer any of my following questions I would be forever gratefully!


How much do you rekon I need to save for everything, inculding flights, hotels, and entrance to things??

Best companies to get discount/cheap flights from??

Any hidden gems in this world that I should defo go and see on my journeys???

and work permits? whats the deal with them :)

and any other advice!!!

If you wanna get in contact with me personally about anything, just go throught my profile etc

Ronnie!! xx

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

You need to be a lot more specific to even give a rough idea of any sort of budget or give answers to pretty much any of your post.

How long are you travelling for? if you were going for 6 months the budget for obvious reasons would be a lot less than if you were going for 24 months so you need to be more specific there. If you plan on working for 12 months in Australia whilst also seeing some of the country, then your daily budget could decrease a fair bit for Australia, but if you plan on travelling most the time and working a little bit then you would need to revise your budget.

Which regions of the world are you planning on visiting & working in? If you planned on spending 6 months in Australia, and 3 months in South East Asia, then your budget would need to be a lot more than if you spent 6 months in South East Asia and 3 months in Australia.

What sorts of things are you interested in seeing whilst you are away? What I consider to be a gem for my interests may be a place to avoid for your interests and vice versa. Are you interested in party cities, historical places, photogenic places etc?

What airfares to get depend a lot on your destinations and length of travel. If South America is involved then a One World Alliance round the world fare is normally a very good option.

Are you planning to party every second night, get drunk every couple of nights and eat out most nights, or are you planning to live it cheap where ever possible? Are you planning on staying in hostels, hotels that are 3 star or what?

You need to answer so many questions before anyone can even begin to try and give you an approximate target. All you can really do is work, work work and save, save save as much as you are able to until the time comes to travel. The more you can save, the less time you'll need to work while away so the more fun you will be able to have and the longer you will be able to stay away for.