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ok so maybe this is a stupid american question. but i was wondering if there were any holidays in europe in january/february. i also heard that some countries actually go on a holiday for some months and most everything is closed or closes super early. or if there are any special celebrational type holidays like the carnival that i should def know about.

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thanks ingrid. south of spain sounds love---ly. i will definately let you know if i am headed in that direction. which i might be.

super sweet.

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Sorry a quick question,

I'm a Malaysian all the way frm South East Asia, will be heading to UK somewhere next year.
What's a bank holiday back in England??
And what type of public holidays they have it in England,
and for those who's working there is holidays a frequent?


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sorry nick...i have no idea what bank holidays are....but i will google it to find out. anyway let me know if you find out.

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Bank Holidays are essentially Public holidays, where schools/businesses are shut (and many shops). In Eng/Wal, excepting dates at Xmas/New Year (date driven) plus Good Friday, they are always on the Monday.

So for example, Mayday (1sy May) is the holiday in the rest of Europe, but in the UK it's the first Monday in May, so can be as late as the 6th.

Compared to the rest of Europe, the number of Public (Bank) Holidays is fewer than virtually every other country. I'll almost certainly forget one, but at the moment, UK Bank Hols are:

New Years Day (always 1 jan)
Good Friday and Easter Monday (4 day weekend)
Mayday (first Monday in may)
Spring Bank Holiday (a monday which tends to be at the end of May or start of June depending upon easter). The school kids get that week off as a half term.
August Bank Holiday (last Monday in August, a big day for travelling etc, and about a week before school starts - essentially the end of sumemr)
Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25th/26th Decemeber)

In addition (unlike in much of Cont. Europe), if Xmas/Boxing Day/nbew Years fall on a weekend, extra days are given as holidays - i.e. if the 25th is a Saturday, both Mon 27 and Tue 28 will be given as Public Holidays. This ensures that it's the same number of holidays per year.

Easter Sunday is also a holiday, but as it's a Sunday it doesn't really count - the reason for Easter Monday.

Basically, that's 8 days. Some places in Europe are upto about 16. Scotland also has 1 or 2 extra Holidays (Jan 2 etc). There is talk of adding an extra Bank Holiday or 2 in the next few years to make the level closer to Europe, and will probably include St.George/David's day and Trafalgar Day - A new holdiay in October.


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thanks gelli,

i "googled" bank holiday and it sounds fabulous. i heard that they are trying to create an extra bank holiday, but the businesses are worried that it might be bad for the economy, but of course the employees are all for it. i love european culture. i wish the u.s. was more that way, instead of working oneself to death. thanks for the reply.


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Bank Holidays are great, just dont try....
a) Driving on Motorways on the Friday evening before the holiday, as they become massive parking lots.
b) Using public transport, as the railways use this time to do repairs. So even though you wanted and paid for a train, you end up going on a bus.