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Do you know where I can do volunteer work in Central or South America? Max. 2 months. Thank you for your help!

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See these sites:

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From personal experience, I'd highly recommend considering volunteering on an organic farm through Willing Workers on Organic Farms http://www.wwoof.org. I spent a month with a family (in Ecuador) who were dedicated to cultivating from seed native fruit, nut, medicinal and ornamental trees to help reforest the jungle. Since trees grow rather slowly, we also worked on their organic foodstuffs (rice, corn, beans, yucca, etc.)

I had an incredible experience (mind you, this is one farm of many possibilities) but it's worth a look since the WWOOF concept is to trade time for room & board. The generally accepted practics is 6 hours of work/day for 6 days, leaving a day off to play. Each farm is different, however.

WWOOF is a membership organization (cheap fee) and once you join, you get the list of farms. If you have any specific questions about my personal experience, I'd be happy to answer.

You can read about my experience on my travel site http://www.mytripjournal.com/joshua_feyen. See entries between Aug. 10 - Sept. 5.

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look at this in brazil:



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This site has listings of free and low-cost volunteer Ops. in South and Central America
If you are volunteering for 2 months you will have a good choice of programs:



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check http://www.voluntarios.tripod.com

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I lived and worked in Ecuador last autumn on a private reserve which, like findemundo's placement, was basically aimed at reforestation. The reserve is called La Hesperia and you can read more on my TP blog if you're interested. La Hesperia has its own website, but it's not great, as their resources are limited - you can find out more about the reserve on the Jatun Sacha website (Ecuadorian conservation organization of excellent repute). However, if you like the look of La Hesperia, contact them directly, as you will pay far less than going through any link-up organization.


You can also search La Hesperia on Youtube - a volunteer made an excellent video of life at the reserve while I was there.

It was a wonderful experience for me, and I got to travel every weekend.


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