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H there,

I am wondering if anyone here has ever gone to Italy (Rome, Venice) as well as Athens, Greece in a 2 week time frame? I am really wanting to visit Italy but yet Greece as well. I have been to Italy already (2 years ago) and I cant stay away from it. We would be flying from Canada into London and then Eurail down.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me and my wife? We have also thought about going to Spain, Germany, Switzerland, or anything else that is pure beauty and would work in the 2 week time frame.

Our last trip (2 week long) was London, Paris, Rome, and Venice and it worked Great!!!

Can someone please let me know which country would work with this? THANKS


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Hi there. I was in Rome for 2 weeks in February and got to spend 3 days in Spain. We flew from Campiano airport in Rome on Ryan Air to Valencia Spain. We then took a train to our hostel. Valencia was beautiful however, I don't think it's such a huge tourist place there because noone spoke English except for the 2 girls that worked in the hostel. Also, every time we went out to eat, it was a suprise because we couldn't read the menu and there were no English translations even the waiters don't speak English. Other than that Valencia was beautiful and I would definately go back again. We went to the Botanicals, the Ocenaigrafo (aquarium) that was amazing, saw chruches, etc. Overall it was very peaceful and way less traffic than in Rome. Hope all goes well!!!!

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thanks for the reply! Another was Ryanair travel? Is it pretty good?

We are also thinking of this combo...Fly from Canada to Rome...then visit rome,tuscany,sicily, and Greece. You can pick up the Regional pass from Eurail which you can use anywhere in Italy and Greece. On the way back we would possibly spend 2-3 days in Switzerland. What do you guys think about that?

We want to spend a week in Italy...that is where our heart is:)

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See this thread for comments on Ryanair.

Personally I think Ryanair is fine, as long as you don't have a big bag.

It's also possible to fly very cheaply from Italy to Germany with budget airlines, so that would be a possibility.

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Follow your heart! If you love Italy then spend at least a week there... I'm also in love with that country!! can't get enough of it. Are you traveling to any of the Greek Islands when you are there? I would highly recommend it.... you would need at least a week though to Island hop... Santorini is stunning and was one of my favourites when I was there...
Happy travels!