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I'm new to the forum and have come in search of advice from the knowledgeable travellerspoint community.

I left University in 2006 and went straight to work in Engineering, Ive now been here for 18 months. My girlfriend took a year out and went around the world for four months while I was working.

I'm now so bored in my job that I'm feeling desperate to travel and see some more of the world. I figure on saving 7k or so by the end of the summer. Closer to 10k if I work until the start of 2009. I had a route in my head which is eygpt - SEA - Aus - Hawaii - SA - home. However I'm not enjoying life at all in the uk at the moment and I'm considering more and more moving permanently. The main thing I would look for in a destination would be a laid back attitude and a sunny climate the majority of the year. Hawaii would be perfect in theory but in practise I very much doubt I could afford it.

I'm still youngish, 25 the end of May.

I'd really like to hear any suggestions you may have of possible places I could relocate too. And some success stories would be great. I'm not fussed with my Masters in Engineering anymore. I'd be much happier selling jet skis on the beach.
My girlfriend is about to start as a barrister so we would probably have to go our seperate ways.
My time is currently spent at a desk doing nothing and I feel I'm wasting my life for 25k a year. Help!!

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Hi, Welcome to TP.

Why don't you travel first to different cities of the UK, then Europe, and go to Turkey, Egypt , and FarEast.

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Thanks for the welcome Kombizz.
I can travel in the UK anytime of my life really and personally I think it's quite a boring place which is one of the reasons I'd like to move. Manchester and London are great and then you have the beauty of Cornwall, Lake District and many parts of Scotland but like I say I can see these places at anytime. Same goes for Turkey, its a typical holiday destination for UK holidaymakers. Although Ive never been its not somewhere Im desperate to travel to. I would expect to travel around from Egypt for a bit, while I'm there though. Places like Hawaii, Australia and South America are more once in a lifetime places that arent so easy to reach.

Plus Ive dont a lot of Europe already either just backpacking or cycling holidays. Saying that I would imagine somewhere in the EU would be a sensible place to move to on a permanent basis.

Thanks again for the advice

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welcome to tp