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Hi Guys

Well finally booked some flights home to England from Australia and the best option was via Tokyo then Helsinki then London. So decided to make the most of it with 5 nights in Tokyo and 2 days in Helsinki.

Sooo just wondering if you happened to have 2 days and 2 nights in Helsinki at the end of August what would you do?

Any thoughts on 5 days in tokyo and also Kyoto would also be appreciated, but will most that on the asian forum.


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Check the market for fresh seafood and fruits at the harbour, take the ferry to Suomenlinna and visit Helsinki Cathedral. At least these are what what I found the best while being there.
Alternatively take the ferry for a day/overnight visit to Tallinn.

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Thanks for your reply, funny was just online and was looking at Tallinn, will def do that too. Both cities look beautiful.

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The thing I most like doing when I am in Helsinki is.... wandering around! Helsinki has lots of charm. Yes it is a small city compared to some others and yes it has few historical monuments but then make the most of it and spend some time walking in the center near the beautiful train station, which is quite an impressive building, go in the shopping streets towards the port and watch people. It's amazing the amount of things you learn just by watching people! And it's a lot of fun too. A lot of them act in a funnily different way from us (Western Europeans). Plus it's an opportunity to do something different for once. People rush too much and want to see everything and they dont remember much at the end of the day. Relax and enjoy.

Personally, I didnt like the white cathedral but the Uspenski cathedral (It is Russian) is really beautiful, and only 10 minutes walking from the train station. The markets too are nice to "visit" as previously said. They sell fresh food and funny furry clothes (I got a korvahattu, which looks like a helmet and covers your ears only, it is linked in the middle on top of your head or on your neck. It can be made in various types of material, I got one on the market made of fur and it looks really cute!) but anyway Im off the topic now :D

I haven't seen Suomenlinna (Finland's fortress/castle, literally) but it seems worth having a look from what I heard so go there! It is just next to Helsinki. Ask in the train station and they'll tell you how to get there.

Have fun!

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There are connections to Suomenlinna, from the marketplace (at the harbour), if you buy a transportticket for a day, or longer, this connection should also be included in the price.

I think one of the previous members already told you, that Helsinki is a perfect place to walk around in. large portions of the city are green, with some great parks. I also like Seurisaari, which is an open air museum, on one of the islands near to Helsinki. It has a large number of buildings from rural Finland, which is nice to see, and is set up in this green area.

Besides the two Cathedrals (I think the Russian Orthodox one, is the more beautiful, the other one is an Evangalical Church, so very sober.) there is also a church build inside the rocks of the city. It's called Temppeliaukio, and is pretty special to see.

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Mmh I've never heard about Temppeliaukio. Could you tell us more please? Is it near the center? Can you walk there or need a bus?

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two days in helsinki
not alot of time so would stay put in helsinki.
def a cool town to walk around,if you wanna drink head to "punavuori" its the
old town and go to a bar called "we got beef" yeah strange name but def the best bar in town.

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Thanks for all your brilliant suggestions, really appreciate it.