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1. Posted by macwilly (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

My husband and I will be staying 3 nights in Paris and leaving for Venice the following day.

Currently, I'm picking up rates for a flight on Easyjet for approx. 105 Euros, (Total for 2 passengers), for a one and a half hour flight from CDG. The rail option would come to about 360 Euros for both of us and the duration would be around 10 hours with a transfer in Milan.

My question is, which option is more desirable? If the train routes through interesting towns and lovely countryside is it worth the extra price as part of the "adventure" of travel. Or, since this is our first time to Venice, would it be better to take the budget flight and be in Venice our first day shortly after noon? (We're staying there 3 nights then fly back to Paris).

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I've taken that route before on the train and it was pretty nice. But then, I prefer train travel. The best choice for you may also depend on where you are staying. Right in Venice? You should check which airport easyjet flies into. If it's anything like Ryan Air, you'll have to take a train or bus from the airport to the city at an additional cost. And they may have baggage restrictions. If the flight lands very close to venice, i'd say just do that. The sights in and around Venice are better than those you'd see passing on a train.

good luck!

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Flying is the cheapest and easiet. There are all sorts of discount airlines in Europe. If you have been to Europe and/or plan to travel throughout Europe in the years to come I would recommend flying. This will get you to your destination quickly.

If this is your big trip to Europe, then take the train. It's an experience and the countryside and mountains will be an enjoyable view.

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Thanks to both of you who responded!

We have both been to Paris before, (before we met), and have travelled a bit through Europe. Since we were recently married, we chose Venice. (A place that I still have my favorite photographaph from my late father...the Bridge of Sighs)

I love trains too. But...the question is; Is it worth almost twice the cost...not to mention the time factor as well?

Paris to Venice, at least ten hours by train, (yet train puts us right where we need to be to be within walking distance to our hotel...)

Thanks again everyone...or should i say Mille grazie!

LadyMacWilly ^..^ ~

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At least stay away from RyanAir on this flight. They fly from Treviso to Beauvais Airport, so you would need two transfers, taking away valueble time.

I think you have two other options besides Easyjet: Vueling flies Venice to Paris CDG, for very cheap prices
you can also take a look at MyAir, they fly from Venice airport to Paris - Orly.

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I like rail travel - but at high speed there is not much to look at apart from your other passengers on their laptops and iphones

I agree to avoid Ryanair - how they have the cheek to say Beauvais is near Paris beats me, so the real flying time with transport adds five hours at least with travel check-in and discomfort - plus your flight - but is it cheaper (now you know why)

Milan is great - if you can spend a few hours there (shopping) it is worth it


Have fun

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7. Posted by macwilly (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

(Don't you hate when people ask for help and you give them all kinds of advice only to never hear from them again?)

So....Just wanted to thank everyone for their input and let you know that I did double check my airports and the discount flight will fly form CDG to Marco Polo airport so I booked the flight. Now all I have to do is figure out the best way to get into Venice, (as I carefully chose a great hotel near the train station thinking we would arrive by train. HA!)

BTW, Tony, thanks for referencing your blog. Also your profile is very interesting. (I worked as a sales manager for a stock photo agency that also carried work from Stock Image in Paris which had beautiful lifestyle photography). After reading about your "little place in the world" in southern France you've hooked me, ( close would you be to Monte Carlo? another destination on my list some day.) Somehow as a Europhile, I have this urgency to travel to Europe more than ever before the US Dollar drops into oblivian. As a side note, we are going to New Orleans in a couple weeks as I kind of like spreading some "tourist" money in a town that can really appreciate the income and where my buying power isn't taking a nose dive. But I digress.

Thanks everyone!

Ladymacwilly ^..^ ~

8. Posted by vickim (Full Member 125 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I would keep your hotel by the train station if you like it. Anywhere on Venice itself is in a good location. Some people will tell you to get as close to St Marks or Rialto as possible, but anywhere is good within Venice itself.

You can arrive from Marco Polo two ways. You can take the bus (10 minute ride) and it drops you off near the train/bus stations or you can take the water bus. Most of the routes will arrive first to St Marks and continue up the canal passed the train station.

You can also take a water taxi but the cost isn't worth it.