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I'm travelling to Poland in July and have a week looking at 4 cities, starting in krakow.
any advice??


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Krakow is a lovely city. I would spend a day in Auschwitz (get the bus there - takes around 1.5 hours)- and a couple of days in the city. The Jewish quarter and the old square are really nice. There is a little indoor market inside a building called the cloth house on the old square which is good and Wawel Castle is worth a visit. The salt mine is supposed to be excellent but I didn't have time to go there.

I would recommend this place to stay - it's one of the best hostels i have ever stayed in! it's just near the old square.


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thanks for the reply bex, that hostel does look pretty nice. top 10 in lonely planet i believe. We have 3 days in krakow which we're hoping to be enough, do you know about anywhere else in poland at all???
after a chat we're thinkin Warsaw, gdansl, poznan as well.

also, whats the best way to get to Auschwitz?? train?


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I have never been anywhere else but I looked into Gdansk and it sounded lovely.

You can get the train to Auschwitz but the best way is the bus from the main bus station which is not far from the old square. there seem to be more buses that what is mentioned in lonely planet so if you ask at the bus station they can direct you which stand the next bus leaves from. on the way back, buses leave from the bus stop outside the museum at set times.

3 days is the right amount of time for Krakow I think.

if you are flying in, you can get the train from the airport to the city centre - the train station is a 200m walk down the road from the airport terminal.

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Definitely get the bus to Aushwitz, the one i went on was only a small bus but the driver was helpful and after telling him where i was going made sure i knew where to get off. Its much cheaper and you can walk around the place yourself donating money rather than paying for one of the expensive coach tours from krakow. Personally I think its a place you have to walk around and experience instead of having a guide walk you round at their pace.

Krakow itself is a great place, one of my favourites, be sure to check out the Bar Mleczny on Ul. Grodzka near the tram tracks. its a bit daunting when you go in but its great food and very cheap. There used to be a lot of these places in communist times. Most of the staff spoke english when i went.

Warsaw i didn't like so much, i stayed at nathans villa hostel there which was clean and good but around it was just mostly dirty city with not much to see :/

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The train station (Oswiecim) is a good mile or two away from the camp itself so unless you want to walk, you'd need to catch a bus to the camp itself anyway. Make sure you don't leave too late if you're getting the bus back to Krakow though - when I went there were a lot of people stranded because the last bus services left quite early in the evening and were completely packed with tourists. Maybe they've sorted that out now though as this was a few years ago.

As for elsewhere in Poland, Gdansk is obviously on your itinerary, but instead of just hopping from Gdansk to Warsaw by train, you could get the bus/train from Gdansk out to Suwalki or Bialystok. It's a lovely scenic journey itself, but that region (Podlachia - the area in the far North-East next to Belarus and Lithuania) has some really wonderful national parkland. I went to Bialowieza which is a little south of Bialystok, but there are several other areas you could visit. You only have a week, so I don't know if you'd want to dedicate a day or two to that area, but if you're looking for some natural attractions then that's worth a shout.

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There's a lot small buses to Auswitz Museum from regional bus station (behind train station) so it wouldn't be a problem. On http://www.rda.krakow.pl is a timetable (unfortunetly only in polish, but english site is under construction, so maybe for july will be ready).

In Poland you should see Wrocław (Breslau) in south-west of Poland. It's similar to Krakow and also very, very pretty.
In my opinion Warsaw is boring city. You can see Starowka (Old Town), Castle and Lazienki Park, but you can see this all in one day.

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