Any recommendation to visit Bangkok (Late Jan 05)?

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1. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

This will be my first time to Bangkok, in late Jan 05, for 4 days

I don't like temple and shopping centre. But prefer to know more about Thai lifestyle and culture, even natural scenery too. Any recommendation? Thanks.

And, besides Taxi, any cheapest mode to travel from Airport to Chinatown in midnite? as my flight will only arrive at 12.10am. Thanks. From a website, I understand a airport transfer from airport to downtown costs 1100baht (2 ways). Any cheapest rate if I would like to take a transfer.


2. Posted by jjw (Budding Member 6 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!


I'm going to Bangkok next week. Maybe I'll tell you about it when I get back.

Meantime, you can get more info from TAT branches, I believe there is one at your hometown too.


3. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for your great offer!

For how long u will be there? Alone? Only to Bangkok? Planning to visit any great places?

(juz fyi, I may not be able to reply you in weekend as I usuali access to the Internet in office. Off on Sat & Sun! )

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Hi Eric,

I was planning to travel alone, but I got a good friend who decided to join me last minute... Lucky me!!

I'm going to Bangkok on 09/09/04 and leaving to Chiang Mai on 13/09/04. This is my first time to these places, so I can't tell you much about them until I got back. I know you don’t fancy temples and shopping, but temples are one of thailand’s main attractions, you just gotta see them.

For more information, you could also check out this website

I’ll be coming back to KL on 21/09/04. Consider the longest trip I’ve ever taken so far!! ;)

Keep in touch! :)

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to get from the airport to chinatown, you could possibly try to catch a train (not the BTS, but the ones that travel longer distances) up to Hua Lumphong (sp) station, which is in the vacinity of chinatown. from there, you can either walk to your place of accomodation or take a cab. i would say it is a much cheaper option. however, i don't know if there would be a train going through at your arrival time, or even if the ticket counter will be open. but if you are keen on the idea, there is no harm going to the train station to check, as it is only a short walk from the airport.

besides temples and shopping centres, Bangkok has many other sights and activities to offer. the river taxi is very much a part of the thai way of life, you may wish to travel up the river to the Dusit area (zoo, historical monuments/buildings, etc), which can be easily explored on foot (with a map). you may wish to watch a Muay Thai (kickboxing) match at one of the 2 boxing stadiums around Bangkok. you may also wish to go for a good (and inexpensive) massage at one of the temples (Wat Pho, i think?). it is not just for tourists, many locals go there for the massage as well. or, you may enjoy a bicycle tour around the side streets and neighbourhoods. i believe there are a couple of such tours that begin at the kao san road area. you can also visit one of the floating markets near Bangkok (you may want to get there early to avoid the tourist crush). you can also take a train up to River Kwai Bridge/Kanchanaburi. the thai railway ( organises several weekend day trips that are quite popular with locals.

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Hi !!

Welcome to Thailand.

My favorite place is NZ also :-)

December to January is a good timing, and after the busy New Year festival is even the better timing!! We have nicest weather during that time. But why China Town? Well.. nothing bad but, it's just so busy and lots of traffic there during rush hours.

This site will be helpful for you: . Spend some time on it

About taxi from the airport, if you stay on the line waiting for taxi's that wait in front of the same floor where you come out, it will be safe because they will record about you and where that taxi is going. But for those convenient taxis, you will have to pay about 300 to 350 Baht (about 7-8 US$), which is about 20% higher than regular meter price. Don't bother staring on the meter in this case because they will give you fixed price, which will be a bit higher than meter price. Well, I think it's fair. The extra charge is for that the taxi have to spend their time waiting on the line go get passengers also.

Some drivers are very good and polite, but not all of them are like that. So, there is slight risk if you walk out of the Airport to catch taxi on the main road by yourself. However, I do that as I am Thai, they don't try to be any tricky on me, but, for a few evils, if they know that you are foreigners, some may try to be tricky.

About places to go, I personally like Ayuthaya (or some foreigners write that "Ayudhaya"), which is about an hour and a half by train from Bangkok, heading north. Go to the main railway station called (Hua Lam Pong), which is not far away from China Town. They have plenty of information about train and tour to Ayuthaya for tourists. Caution!, in whatsoever case, don't leave your luggage/baggage at the baggage leave service there. They are evil!!

Damnern Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi Province is also interesting. It's about 1 hour from Bangkok to the west. The thing is that for this trip, you have to start very early in the morning because Floating Market is a morning market, around 7 to 9 am. It's good place to get photos.

5-day stay is so short !!... Chiang Mai is nice province, but I am not sure you will have enough time for it or not. It's 750 km. up north from Bangkok, 8-10 hours on bus, 1 hour flying. January is the time people head Chiang Mai because of nice weather, flowers, festival, etc...

Good luck and have fun here!

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Thanks, Chada and Yan.

It's great advice! I just can't wait to flight there soon. I am interested to check out Thai Boxing, will definitely go there.


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Special thanks to Yan and Chada, you guys are great, by providing what a useful info, tips and advice. Appreciate it, indeed! Of course Jaime, you are not forgotten, thanks for your info too... Can feel that you are quite excited for your coming trip.

I will consider going to the places you guys have recommended. Will you, Jaime?

Will try to get brochure, booklet or map from the Thai tourism authority. Do you know its website?

Yan, it seems that you are quite familiar with Bangkok! You are just back from there? Or you go there often?...The photos you have taken are nice! Can see that you like to take photo!?

Chada, I like the picture you have taken in Poland. I like it! I have saved it! It reminds me of my trip to NZ. Have you been there? I was there in 2000, South Island, places like Christchurch, Queenstown and other places (forgot the name already!!). I like their mountains, lakes and farms! I can only say "WOW!" to the scenery there. Will definitely go back there once again!

Is there a Mass Rapid Transit station or Light Rapid Transit station near Chinatown? How long does it take to walk from Chinatown to the station?

Thanks once again. C u guys!


9. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Oops! I forgot that Chada had given me the website of TAT. Thanks! I have just surfed the site.


10. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Although China Town is not far away from The Main Railway Station, it's not in walking distance, especially when you are with all of your belongings. The sky train and new subway lines haven't covered that older part of Bangkok yet. As for the bus, there are some, but you will be a bit confused because China Town roads are mostly one-way. You may have to walk through some small lanes to get on the bus that goes to the right direction, confusing but it cheap though. The air-con'ed one will be around 12 Baht and the non-air-con'ed will be only 5 Baht !! Taxi will cost you just about not exceeding 2 US$. Ask the hotel bell boy to help you catching the taxi, so that they find out about the price for you first before you jump on the taxi. Or may be, for fun, just jump on one of those noisy Tuk Tuk!! I will be around 60 Baht for that.

I went to NZ in 1996 and only the north island. I remember being in Auckland and Rotorua, but not sure about other places. I am dreaming about going backthere again. This time it must be longer trip. :(Sighh… so many plans, too little time. I think I've already used up this year vacation's days from work.

Thanks for your compliment on my photo from Poland. I still have more work to do on other pictures I got from my recent trip to there.

Have fun planning for your trip!!