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11. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Ooh oh! Just come to my realization that there is no Skytrain or subway near Chinatown. Can you recommend any places where the budget hotels are located and also near Skytrain or subway station? Once knowing the area, I will look for the hotels on-line.

I heard my colleague saying that some budget hotels are actually motels (where prostitutes doing their business). Is it true? I hope I won’t stay in these kind of hotels.

While in Bangkok, I will try to take all modes of transport so as to taste the living experience over there. I don’t like for just being a “tourist”, but rather prefer to find out how’s the life there in Bangkok.

Are you living in Bangkok? Your info is really helpful. Every time after chatting with you guys, my knowledge of Bangkok increase.

As for NZ, well, you may consider visiting South Island. A nice place to visit. Mt Cook, Fox Glacier and etc.

Any other ways to see your photos, besides 2 pictures that are currently posted on the net?

C ya!


12. Posted by Yan (Full Member 27 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Eric, Suk11 comes highly recommended. it is located in Sukhumvit and just 2 minutes walk from the BTS.

the Suk11 hostel is inexpensive, clean and definitely interesting. i am not sure if you will like staying in the Sukhumvit area though, it gets rather crowded and busy.

for other budget accomodation, Soi Kasemsan 1 (near Siam Square) which is within walking distance from the BTS, or Phra Athit Road which is within walking distance from the river taxi (but nowhere near the BTS), are worth a look. i believe these 2 areas are more quiet.

i was last in thailand in may, so my information may not be that up-to-date :p

glad you liked the pictures!

13. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Yan, for your reply!

You stayed in suk11 while you were in Bangkok? It is quite special...

The other recommendation would be very helpful. At least I know where I can go to look for budget hotels near Skytrain station. By the way, what is "BTS"? skytrain system?

Actually your info can be considered as updated, since you were just there a few months ago! :-)

Appreciate your help once again!


14. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

At the moment, there are two authorities that operate railway transit systems in Bangkok:

BTS = Bangkok Transit System – for sky-train
BMCL = Bangkok Metro Company Limited – for subway

I have to be silent about quality in details of hotel in Bangkok, because I never stayed in any hotel when I am here. I assume that hotels which are not far away from BTS or BMCL should not remain very cheap anymore because they have better bargaining power about locations. However, I hope this website can be helpful for you:

Also, if you enter the words "hotels Bangkok" or something like that in any search engine, more than 1,000 websites about hotels in Bangkok will come up.

If the hotels are close to either sky-train or subway, they will tell that on their websites.

Sukhumvit is not so bad, it's crowded but it has everything there.

If this is first time to Thailand and it's only a short stay, I would suggest you invest in those that are higher than 1,200 Baht (or around US$30). I don't want hotels with lower rate than that to ruin your experience about Bangkok.;)

Last but not least, you may want to exclude those guesthouses or cheap hotels in "Kao Sarn Road" area from your choice, unless you don't mind bugs, thief and dirt. Also, they are not at all close to any good mass-transit systems.


15. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!


It seems that you faced the same problem as mine. But you are better than me, just 3 threads that you posted repeatedly. What's wrong with the system?!

Thanks for your great advise. I think I will consider staying in Sukhumvit. I have found a hotel - Premier Inn (address: 9/1, Sukhumvit 20, Klongtoey).

I found it from the website you have recommended. Not bad, 800 baht with a free American breakfast. I don't mind a moderat hotel, it's juz a place for me to stay overnite. What I want is just a clean and convenient hotel. :-)

Is this hotel ok? Is Sukhumi 20 within the walking distance to BTS?

C ya!

16. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

The closest BTS station to Soi 20 should be Phrom Pong Station, according to this map.

17. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks, Chada!

So far you guys have provided me with a lot of info. I will take time to digest them and see where to visit. Jaime, all the info should be useful to your trip right?

Is it worth to join a one-day or half-day tour in Bangkok?

Have checked with TAT and got their branch office contact detail in S'pore. Will visit there to get more info.

Besides Yan who is living in S'pore, anyone of you visited S'pore before?

Eric ;)

18. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Yes, Bangkok one-day or half-day tour should be good. There are many things to see in Bangkok.:)

I went to S'pore long time ago.. longer than 10 years. I visited several touristy spots but … unfortunately, the tour guide didn't take us to S'pore zoo. I love animals and always like to take pictures of them.

So far I only visited S'pore zoo via Animal Planet Channel.:(


19. Posted by ericang (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

It's a waste that you didn't visit S'pore Zoo, so far, it's the best zoo among the zoos that I have ever visited. Perhaps you have to come back again one day! Won't you?

My colleague who have just visited Bangkok last week told me that Platunam and Ploenchit area are more centralised and convenient. So, should I stick to Sukhumvit? Or Platunam/Ploenchit since they are more centralised and close to many BTS stations. Any comments?

20. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hmm.. Platunam should be out of the choices, because either sky-train or subway passes there and it's one-way road, heading out of town. Not easy to go around. Ploenjit (or Ploenchit) is actually the short beginning part of Sukhumvit Road. They are actually the same road. It's the part that's closer to the center, but… hmmm.. it is very prime area. I cannot think about any moderate hotels on that part of Bangkok. There are only a few 5-star ones there, I think.