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help wanted for RTW starting june/july 2005.

Travel Forums Round the World Travel help wanted for RTW starting june/july 2005.

1. Posted by Tolemak (Full Member 75 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Well I have now decided to go round the world. I need some time to work up some cash first, but hopefully I`ll get enough by summer 2005.
I don`t have any plans yet, but I think I`ll start in China and work my way towards OZ and australia to begin with.
I don`t know how much time I have on my hands but I`ll probably go travelling for 6-12 months or so.
So how much money should I bring for such a travel, would a 1000 USD a month be enough?
I`ve been to thailand earlier, so I know what the price levels are there. but if anyone can help me with what it costs other places, like OZ, Australia, Africa, South America, It would be much appreciated.
What other things are important to think about, do I have to apply for loads of Visas in advance? anything u think I should know, please post it here, or gimme a mail.
also if anyone out there are thinking about doing a RTW in the same period, or would like to meet up for a beer someplace in the world then gimme a note.



2. Posted by Rengin (Full Member 17 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


Wife and I have just booked our RTW for next year.
We are going from UK and flights so far are: London - LA - Fiji - Raratonga - Auckland - Singapore - Bangkok - Delhi - London.
We intend to go for about 8 months (or until the money runs out).

We think we can get about £12000 to take with us which we hope should be plenty, but will depend majorly on what countries you go to.
We have both been to India & Thailand so yep, its cheap.
We will prob stay the least amount of time in LA, NZ and Singapore, but that may change when we get there.

The way we started was to go into a place where you can purchase flight tickets from, they are a mind of information and the one we went into employed people who had been travelling themselves.
Check out the countries at the time you expect to be there (dont go to India in the monsoon, etc)
lonely Planet and Rough Guide both do a book called something like "gap year traveller",. They are a good insight of the things to look out for.

Also this site is pretty good for picking up 'snippets of info'

Good luck


3. Posted by Tolemak (Full Member 75 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks a lot for the info. I`ll check out those books as soon as I can find them. Also if anyone knows anything about south smerica that they want to share I`d be happy for info about that, as I think it will be where I`ll start my trip.