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1. Posted by evadiva (Budding Member 30 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Ok, so ive posted before about my trip but i need some more info..
Im going to be travelling overland around argentina Sept to December this year. I have my backpack, a general outline of the places ill visit, and the priority sites i want to see...
Ive been doing a lot of research in regard to my budget...besides tours, i am averaging $30 a day..and that icludes the cheapest of hostel options (mixed dorm, about $7 a day) and i realize that theyll either be more or less expensive depending if it's a big city or not....
but i need to know: it this a time of year when many travelers like to go? not that there wont always be backpackers, but I dont want to go anywhere in the high season.. also, how should i be planning on finding a bed? at this time of year, how far in advance should i book? do i have to bok??? considering i dont know where ill be t a certain point in time...i was thinking about only booking the big city hostels and Ush./tierra del fugo (cant skip these i here) and just winging it in between. same with bus seats...should i be booking these in advance or is finding tickets easy? does anyone suggest MiniHostels? any other sggestions regarding hostels?
thanks so much!

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if you go in any part of the year besides, say rio for carnival, you don't really have to book in advance. the argentinian high season is in their summer, our winter, so its ending now. i prefer their winters alot better than their summers, partly because i can't stand the heat and skiing is always good in july and august. things are cheaper all around, except in the ski resort towns mainly in july when the argentines take their holidays.

while in buenos aires stay in Hostel Clan, one of the most friendliest and uncommercial hostes i have found in BA, always good for a party Pacha Mint Barherin Plamero hollywood. Ushuaia i liked antartica hostel , just cool people and atmosphere. Bariloche i liked Alaska hostel, its outside of the city quiet cool mountain views and a short bus ride to the bars and resturants in the certer. Mendoza... well i've been there 5 times and never really had a good time apart from Las Lenas. Salta is my favorite city stay at corre caminos spend ages there and learned spanish. Check out Barlacarce street on weekends , Magnolia Salon Line out, all good fun.

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wow, great info, thanks! ill definatley look into those hostels online.. yeah i definately am glad im not there in the summer! im also a little in the dark about how it's gonna go down with the fact that i plan on going from extreme north to extreme south....should i plan on buying a coat there? i figure that if i did have the chance to go skiing/snowboarding (im not necissarily planning on it because of the cost) i could rent se..

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Any hostel recommendations for El Chalten? I will be there in a few weeks. Thanks in advance.



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There's really only two hostels in El Chalten (2003 situation; haven't been back since), both pretty heavily booked most of the time. If I remember correctly, Condor de los Andes (bookable thru most websites, maybe including TP) is the former HI-style youth hostel. It's good and clean.

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We stayed in Albergue Patagonia. IT was nice and central.

Most of the trips stay at the rancho grande.... we didn´t (luckily)

There´s different reviews on rancho, however, all we knew was that our friends that did stay there didn´t like it as there´s little security and the tour groups etc. stay there... up to you.

We liked the Alburgue though, this may help make up your mind a bit :

hope this helps


PS we were there last January and I think you´ll need to email them to reserve.

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For Mendoza see Hostel Lao. Just voted 2nd best in Latin America.

Booking when you know for definate that you will be in a town never did any harm I find. Not sure if I can say but hostel bookers does not charge any fee.

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Clan Hostel / Buenos Aires

Don ´t go there.
I ´ ve booked a night there. 2 months in advance. I got a confirmation e-mail from the friendly staff. I did tell that I woould be arrive between 2 and 3 p.m.. But as I would check in , they told me that, that my booked bed is given to other person. Because I did´ nt have been there until noon. The guy on the reception was so barefaced, that he offered me a replacement bed in a private room , 200 m away somewhere wide back in a lonely street ( as he said to me), for 130 peso.
so I feel they made a face check.