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hi folks,

could someone give me a rough guestimate as to how much to save for eating and going out in Egypt, primarily Alexandria. Accomodation is sorted, its just food/drink and excursions to Cairo/Giza/Sharm/Luxor etc. I'm looking at a 10 week TEFL course based in Alexandria, so if anyone could help thanks! Also to get there from the UK, would I fly to Cairo then get the train?

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The train is easy to get to Alex on shouldn't cost much either. An example is the train cairo-Aswan, first class was £E109 so about 20US, entry to places is rarely more than £E40, usually £E25.

Meals in average restaurants we costing from £E8 for felafel+soft drink or koshary to £E20 for pizza/pie. So food is pretty cheap if you eat out, eating in would be even cheaper

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That's amazing - so max spending if I went to a tourist attraction and had say two meals in a restaurant/cafe and breakfast at home would be like £E80-90 max £E100.

£100 Egypt = £9.14 c. £10!!

£10 English a day :) That's truly great!

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The average Egyptian family (and Egyptians have large families) need to live on 300 LE per month. If you manage to rent a room in Alex and cook your own meals you should be able to live on roughly the same amount, maybe a bit more without worrying.

If you travel around Egypt the cheapest possible way you should be able to get by on 10 GBP per day for everything - food, transport, hotel and entry to one sight. If you can spent 15-20 GBP per day of travelling in Egypt you'll be able to afford 3-star hotels, getting around by private taxi, eating out constantly, etc.

The cheapest flights from the UK to Egypt are usually with thomsonfly. If you cannot get a flight to Cairo, fly to Luxor or Hurghada. Do not fly into Sharm el-Sheikh. If you do and intend to go on to Alex you'll have to apply for a visa to Egpyt in the UK. Flying out of Sharm is fine though.

And if you don't mind getting an Israeli stamp in your passport, consider flying in or out of Tel Aviv. It costs roughly 30 GBP to get from Cairo to Tel Aviv by bus. Once again you'll need to apply for a visa to Egypt either in the UK, in Tel Aviv or Eilat before you enter the Sinai.

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