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I am traveling to the US for close to a month starting 5th of April.
I will be based out of NY.
I can travel only over the weekends as this is a business trip.
I plan to spend one weekend looking around NYC.

As for the other 4/5 weekends, I do not have a concrete plan.
I intend to go to DC to visit a coupla friends but that's not final either.

Can you please suggest a few "DOABLE" weekend destinations from NY.
I'm fine with overnight travel in a bus/train.
But places too far away might be a little difficult to do.

As for my preferences, I'm a total foodie and a traveloholic, so any destination which offers a combination of good food and beauty (natural or manmade) is good for me.
Nothing sacrosanct about hills / ocean or any natural features.

Thanks in advance,

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you could take a bus or a train to philly it's only a hour and 45 mins by bus and maybe 18 or 20 dollars. spend a day down there. not much to see, but there are plenty of great places to eat in philly or just get a cheese steak or a hoagie.

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The passenger train connections out of New York are excellent.

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My picks are probably pretty standard - D.C., Philly, and Boston. You could also do Gettysburg or other similar historical sites and there are a lot of good beach towns in Jersey, but it would probably be a little early for them that far north. Hope this is a little bit of help

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Okay, I'm going to recommend two or three things a bit different--so bear with me here--and keep in mind you mentioned food and atmospher as being key to your plans.

Weekend (1) Rent a car or get on the NJ Railway system (out of the Port Authority building at 41st Street and 8th Avenue in New York) and go to The Manor (http://www.themanorrestaurant.com/) in West Orange, New Jersey, then drive or get a bus down to Princeton, New Jersey for a day--just to see how the other half lives, continue down to Philadelphia to visit Independence Hall and get the best cheesesteaks on the planet, then back home to NY. Note: My favorite cheessteak can be found at D'Alessandro's Steaks at Henry Avenue & Wendover Steet in Roxborough, Philadelphia--although for those who just have to have it with Cheese Wiz, go to either Pat's Steaks or Genos's Steaks (across the street from each other) at 9th and Passyunk in South Philly.

Weekend (2) Rent a car and drive north to Mystic, Connecticut and visit the Mystic Seaport. Stop in New London to have a good meal at a pub and stop at Groton to visit the submarine on display there. Go on to Newport, Rhode Island and tour the various mansions there. Then either continue to Boston, or take a tour of Cape Cod (great seafood in both places--as well as in Newport).

Weekend (3) Go to DC to see your friends and visit all the sites of Washington, DC (listed by me and others on here on other posts). Make sure to stop by the old seafood markets right down by the Potomac River and get the steamed shrimp and steamed corn sold in the stalls there--it's still the best lunch in town. There are lots of good restaurants in DC--standard fare, Indian curry, thai houses, etc.--so I won't bother mentioning them here--since it's hard to go wrong. Other interesting places to visit along the way are Inner Harbor in Baltimore (good food) or go to Annapolis, Maryland to tour the interesting city. My absolutely favorite place to have crab, east of San Francisco, is Harris Crab House (in Grasonville, MD) just east of Annapolis a short ways across the Kent Narrows.) It has a gorgeous view of the Chesapeak Bay and the sun setting while you dine. There are also some outlet stores just past that if you want to do a bit of shopping also. Note that Washington, DC is a long drive, though--so either start real early, take a train, fly, or take one extra day off work to do this trip.

Weekend (4): Rent a car and head north to Hyde Park near the town of Poughkeepsie, New York. Visit the Vanderbilt Estate alongside the river and then visit the Culinary Institute of America cooking school in town (one of only two in the US--the other being in Napa Valley in California) just a short ways away--also alongside the beautiful river. They put on special events here--so check when they are and move your weekends around accordingly.
Here's a link: (I believe the only day they will be closed in April is the 21st--which is a Monday).



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Oh, I forgot to mention. In Hyde Park, you can also visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt home. It is also down alongside the river (guess you can figure out where the best place to have a home is in this town).


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Thanks a ton Paul, Jim, Katherine and Gary! :)
Your inputs are much appreciated.

Gary, thanks for the well-thought and chalked out itinerary.


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Well, you are welcome--although now that I notice you are from India, I doubt you are too interested in Philly cheesesteaks. All of the other places except the crab house will have vegetarian food as well and, of course, you can get fish dishes at all of them also.

Also, if you are a vegetarian--don't know if you are or aren't--I would suggest the Italian restaurante at the Culinary Institute of America. I'm guessing that they make a great Eggplant Parmegian at the CIA restaurant. (Ristorante Caterina de'Medici).


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Steaks are quite popular with the urban youth in India! And I am a proud fan of Steaks.
In fact, if you plan to travel to India, I'll be your guide for Steak houses here.

Thanks again.

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