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1. Posted by Rengin (Full Member 17 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Dear all.

Having recently booked our RTW for next year, we are looking for some advice on mobile phones.
We go in may 2005 and will be away for approx 8 months.
Our route booked takes us to: LA - Fiji - Raratonga - Singapore - Bangkok - Delhi - LHR.

What is the best thing to regarding a mobile phone.
We currently just use an Orange pay as you go. Do you think i could get this converted to 'Roamin' if orange will do it? We would prefer to do this.
Or are we better to get a 'contract' phone.

We are not bothered about getting a phone that 'runs your life' (photos et all), just something we can use in an emergency.

What have other people done???



2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Rengin,

If you have a tri-band phone, it should work in all those destinations. That has to do with the handset itself, not the plan you are on.

There are basically a few things you can do after that.

1. Be on a plan from home which allows roaming overseas. Also be sure to check that the operator has enabled this as some friends of mine had some trouble with a new plan and going overseas on it. Be aware that this will cost quite a bit though, but if you only plan the occassional phone call and to keep the same number throughout the trip, it's the way to go.

2. Buy a new sim card with prepaid cards in every country. This means a new (local) number in every country but that means cheaper calling especially within the country itself. For longer periods in one country and for those planning to do more calling, this is probably a lot cheaper, although a little more hassle.

3. Take no phone :)

4. Rent phones.... terribly expensive I think.

Hope that helps...



3. Posted by Rengin (Full Member 17 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Cheers Sam.

That has helped a bit. I actually went into the local 'Orange' shop today and asked their advice.
They have recommended something similar to you.
Which is: Buy a phone (tri/quad band), get it unblocked so it can be used on any network and then each time we enter a new country buy a 'sim' card from that country.
This would then mean cheap calls within that country but would work out more expensive when ringing back to the uk (which we would only really do in an emergency anyway).
That sounds like the best option so far.

The only query i have with this, is, if I buy a 'sim' card, lets say in Thailand, will all the information on the phone be in Thai, etc, etc.
Or will i be able to just change the language on the phone. (The man in the 'Orange' shop couldnt answer that one). So much for him.

Finally, lets say I buy a 'sim' card in each country we arrive in, we will get a new number each time
I assume then, if we let the folks back home know the country we are in and our new number (of course), they will be able to ring us, if need be, by using the international dialling code.



4. Posted by kurwah (Full Member 60 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Your information will be in English if in your phone settings it is set to English. Some people have it set to automatic and this may change the way you receive information.
The sim card instructions in Thailand are in English and Thai. So no problem there. Many different carriers to choose from once you get there and recharge cards sold at all 7-11's and the like.
With some sim cards you pay for incoming and outgoing calls. This was the case when I was in Singapore last year.
Every country has a different provider and you will receive a new number in each case. I found the easiest thing to do was SMS people from the phone once I had arrived and they had the number stored in International format already. + being the International dialling access number shortcut for mobile phones.