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1. Posted by chelseakyp (Budding Member 86 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys...

Im in Australia at the mo and am leaving on June 16th for a trip to NZ before heading home. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with claiming tax back on working holiday visas, i understand that your meant to put in the claim after june 30th but can do it early if you are leaving the country.

Does anyone know if u can claim this back while still in the country but not working and roughly how long it has taken people to get theres back? Ive read the official site that it takes upto 6 weeks but wanted to see what the average is?

I am hoping to get the tax back before i head over to NZ so that i have some extra funding for my trip.

Thanks, Claire :)

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Hi Claire

In my experience to get the best rebate you need to use the government website and do it yourself. Its easier than it looks, just download the taxpack, install the program, fill out your details and submit it over the internet. The problem I had was finding a computer which would let me install the program, as many internet cafes are restricted.

It was just less than a week from the day I submitted mine to the day I got a cheque in my post box at home. 2 mates of mine used a tax back company and 1 of them hadda wait over 6 weeks, but they'll pay it straight into your account which can be handy.

You can apply for it as soon as you stop working whether ure in oz or not, as long as your not planning on working in oz again within that same tax year.

hope this helps :)

3. Posted by chelseakyp (Budding Member 86 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Thats a great help thanks! I was going to do it over the web too, saves alot of hassle and you dont have to pay a fee that way!

Thanks again :)

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Sorry this old chestnut again, Ok so I understand how tax is worked out on your yearly earnings (& if you only work half the year you get some back n all that), but in the UK having a 2nd job impacts on your tax status,

I'm currently working 2 jobs here in Oz, This will earn me in the region of $20k for the 6 months of work, I've searched the official tax site but can't find the answer of how much tax I will get refunded to me, i.e what are the thresholds

Any help would be appreciated, I'm also going to do the refund myself using the e-tax package,