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I'm a Canadian working in France for a little while. I've only been here for 4 months or so and I haven't been anywhere else in Europe yet. I have a 5 day long weekend coming up in May and I booked a train to Amsterdam. Although I think 5 days may be too much for Amsterdam. Can anyone recommend some day trips to do? Or can I really spend 5 days there?

I'm also looking for a hostel if anyone can recommend one. I've done hostels in Australia and New Zealand but I've heard the ones in Europe are not necessarily as nice. Don't know if this is true or not, but I I'd like to stay in a decent one, preferably one that has lockers.


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I was relatively young when I went to Amsterdam for the first time but I loved it, the anne frank house is quite moving, some of the art galleries are worth a visit, it really depends on what you like, if you like cats theres this house that has everything related to cats and has about 20 of em in there its pretty umm.. unique,,heineken brewery, will be doing that for sure when i go this summer some of the flea markets are worth a visit as far as hostels go, we are staying in the youth meeting point.. or something like that it seemed to be the best of the bunch, right in the centre with no curfew. last time i stayed in a hotel run by students which was very basic but decent enough, amsterdam isnt cheap but there are loads of hostels/budget hotels everywhere.

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If you like art, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum (a stone's throw away) are good places to spend a bit of time. If you like football, maybe catch a game there if you can. Or do a canal tour. A walk through the red-light district is also an eye-opener. Can't take photographs, though, so remember that. Leidseplein has plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, etc. Amsterdam is a very walkable city, so just grab a map and explore.

If you're worried five days are too much for Amsterdam, hop over to nearby Haarlem - it's a charming place and good for a day trip.

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Thanks for advice. The cat place sounds interesting... As far as things to see in Amsterdam I pretty much have an idea of what I want to see, most of what you've both mentioned. I just don't think it'll take me 5 days to do it. But the Haarlem day trip sounds like a good idea. That's the type of thing I'm looking for if I have too much time. It seems that most the hostels rent bicycles as it's apparently the best way to get around, so I may do that.

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Van Gogh def! and the sex Museum. But unless you smoke dope, 5 days is way too long in Amsterdam.
I hear Delft is nice for a day out.

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Quoting coldwarspy

Van Gogh def! and the sex Museum. But unless you smoke dope, 5 days is way too long in Amsterdam.
I hear Delft is nice for a day out.

Delft is lovely, very charming too. I really liked it there. And yes, good for a day trip as well.

Actually, if you're interested, you might want to make an appointment for a visit to the Peace Palace in Den Haag. And from Haarlem, you can take the train to Leiden, which is a nice university town and has a pretty interesting windmill museum, De Valk (it's just a stone's throw away from the central station).

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Ive been living in amsterdam for the last 6 months, and in a town 30mins away before that, for about 10 months, so ill let you know what i reckon are the best things about amsterdam you need to see!!

obviously, check out the red light district, but pls dont get the impression thats what a'dam is all about, there are very few dutch ppl in that area, its purely a tourist attraction now. while your there (you really should go at night) head towards the nieuwmarkt, where there are some great restaurants, and a castle looking thing in the middle (cafe in de waag) which is really pretty at night when lit up - i recommend cafe nieuwmarkt, you can get a tapas plate or a cheese fondue for about €14 (which is great if youre with friends - cheap dinner out!).

The heineken museum isnt bad, but not THAT interesting... you get 2 or 3 free beers along the way, but you can scam more if you sweet talk the bar staff, or if you ask around some ppl dont want the beer tokens and so they give them away. you also get a little gift at the end, for me it was a bottle opener, which is handy! its €11 to get in, which, if you consider the beers, is reasonable!

museumplein is nice - its where the van gogh and rijkmuseums are. dont bother going shopping around there, its expensive!!!!! its a stones throw away from the leidseplein where there are alot of bars, pubs and clubs, the waterhole is a good one to go to, it has live music and it charges €1 for entry and mandatory coat check.

go for a wander around the jordaan, its great, esp the market thats on the noordermarkt on saturdays, it sells delicious food and some other pretty cool things! just off the noordermarkt is the cafe Winkel, which has, apparently, the best apple pie in amsterdam, and i have to say its pretty friggin good!! it also has really nice, cheap lunches. the 9 streets are in the jordaan, which are, 9 streets with shops and cafes on them, but its really quaint and nice, gorgeous cheese shops and bakeries etc... its great!

if you want a cheap book in english you should def head to the new english bookstore either on the rembrandtplein end of kalverstraat or on the leidsestraat (which is the main street off the leidseplein where all the trams go - you cant miss it cos youll most likely almost get hit haha) and you can get a city guidebook for €5... really cool!

you can make a nice day trip to volendam, which is an old fashioned city near amsterdam, or alkmaar... delft is nice too... rotterdam is interesting but its not a pretty city, it was bombed to the floor in WW2 so it has very new architechture and is kinda ugly... but i think worth a day trip! it has a really good alternative art scene.

i cant really recomend any hostels since i live here ive never had to stay in one!!
any other questions, ask away!

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Hi Jaxstar,

Thanks a lot for all the info. That's some very useful advice for me. I'll definitely try to check out the spots you've mentioned. Unfortunately the hostel situation is not so good. That weekend even though it's a month away seems to be a very popular one as all the hostels with good reviews are fully booked. I managed to get a dorm bed at the hostel cosmos. It doesn't have very many good reviews, but let's just say it's the best of the worst, from what I found. I had to put down a deposit to secure it but if I find a better place I'll sacrafice the 20USD I put down.