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what size is your backpack? on my last trip i used a 65l pack but i found this to be too big and i had a lot of extra space so im going with a 45l pack on my next trip! what would you consider to be the perfect size bag?

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This is possibly the single most frequent question that gets asked, and there are lots of responses/similar questions on here already if you search for them.

There is no such thing as the perfect size - the duration, weather conditions, type of travel and personal circumstances/preferences all play a roll in deciding what you should use. I would never advise anybody to go above 65 (inc daysack), unless they were doing some serious wilderness camping etc and needed to carry tent/stove/sleeping bag/several days provisions etc.

For myself, my standard bag is a 26litre North Face which i swear by. It is the third bag of roughly the same size that i have used, and I have no desire to go much above that. Having said, whilst i find that it is fine for long travels (18months or so), for short term trips including for work - i travel extensively and frequently for work - i find that it can be slightly on the small size and leads to things being slightly more squashed than is ideal.

For work i have to carry extra stuff, whilst for trips up to 2weeks, you don't really want to have to worry about laundry, so paradoxically, i might want to take a bit more stuff than on longer term trips. I also often take my sleeping bag on shorter trips. I periodically look at bags in the 30-35 range, and if i ever see one which fits all my needs properly, i will probably buy that as well for use on shorter/work trips.

I would say that for the average person, a bag in the 35-45 range is quite sufficient.

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Im not sure I could travel with as little as 35L! I have a backpack which although I'm not sure of the size (it doesnt say it anywhere...I've looked seveal times!) it's a lot bigger than 65L and I found i had lots of space, and would just fill it with crap along the way! More cap = more weight = not good!
I have recently purchased a 60L backpack which I have only used for a week in spain so far, but it seems a lot better size wise (my sleeping bag is quite big in comparision to some you can get, so that takes up more space than most)
I agree with Gelli that if you travel for a shorter time, you need more, as laundry probably wont be an issue.