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1. Posted by laoskijgah (Full Member 41 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Starting to think about packing and could do with some advice! What would you pack for a 12 mth trip covering Asia and europe- Asia for 2 months, then europe for winter, then a bit more Asia?

Tricky stuff for a girl who has only travelled in Asia before (in the wet and verrrry hot season)!

Thanks everyone!

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6854 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

As little as possible I'd say :) Although, make sure you have the essentials.

There is a list of items to pack under the 'tools' section, but that is a very complete list.

The essentials for me would be:

-Enough socks and underwear for a week.
-Enough shorts and t-shirts for 3-4 days.
-Enough warmer clothing for 4-5 days and make sure you can layer them easily to make it very warm!
-Toiletries (keep it simple, although a few luxuries go a long way to making life more enjoyable)
-A light rain proof jacket.
-Maybe wait till you get to Europe to buy a winter coat.
-One pair of shoes.
-One pair of sandals.
-Some hand washing soap + something to hang your clothes to dry on.

Basically, I would plan to wash clothes every 3-4 days. Considering winter clothing often takes longer to dry, you need to allow a little extra time there.

Also, don't forget that you always have the opportunity to buy things once you're on the road, so you may want to leave a few of the warmer items off and buy them once you're in Europe (although clothes aren't particularly cheap there). It's also a good way to not get sick of wearing the same clothes over and over again - just ditch your worn out clothing (clothes wear out quickly on the road I find) and buy something new, something cheap or second hand, but at least something different.

Hope it helps - there may be some things missing.. a lot of little things like a pocket knife, etc, but have a look at the list under 'tools' to see what you think you might need.


3. Posted by laoskijgah (Full Member 41 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Well this is what I'm thinking so it too much?

5 tshirts
1 quick dry shorts
2 skirts
1 dress
1 long sleeve t-shirt
2 pairs of jeans (i know its a lot but i LOVE them both, how can you split up love?)
1 pair of lighter pants
1 top and bottom thermals
5 days underwear
rain jacket
2 fleecy jumpers
1 jacket
4 pairs of socks
3/4 pants
1 pair of boots (pretty light weight, but I know I'll be hiking)
thongs (flip flops)

I think thats it. too much?? By the way, I've seen lots of people say they are bringing kahiki's, what are they?

thanks for all your help!

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey Loz,

Khaki's are basically pants that are in a khaki color. That's a bit of a broad definition obviously. The word has come to stand for pants that are usually pretty light weight and khaki color, sometimes (Dutch travellers often have this) with zip off legs, so that they can double as shorts.

I don't know where you are going but 4 pants, 1 light pants and 2 pairs of jeans seems like a lot, especially if you only are taking 5 t-shirts. As you like the jeans, why don't you only take a max of 2 pants? I'd then add one t-shirt and one long sleeve t-shirt.

For the rest, it looks pretty good. You probably want a towel or something like that too....



5. Posted by Peter (Admin 6854 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Yeah, agreed, that is a lot of pants! Two may be a little light on. I'd make it three - two jeans and a lighter (less bulky) pair of cotton pants for example for milder weather. I survived on a pair of jeans and light pants for 4 months, but I'm a guy :). My jeans were totally wasted by the time I got back though. Mind you, they were already kind of scruffy to start with. It would actually be better to take lighter pants than jeans, but if you really LOVE them that much, then you could take them I guess.

Instead of a proper raincoat, I'd try and find a lightweight jacket that is water repellant. That way it serves more than one purpose and can be worn over the top of your normal coat.

I think 5 T-shirts is enough actually.

Two fleeces seems a bit much - perhaps make one of those a long sleeve shirt.

And don't forget you can buy lots of cheap clothes in Thailand, so best to err on the safe side generally.

More underwear is usually a good idea, that's one thing that doesn't take up much space.

On the towel issue - the 'travel towels' are actually pretty reasonable and don't take up nearly as much space as normal towels. They also dry quickly (often near dry after a good wringing). You can find them in most camping stores.

A pillow case is also a good idea. Can be used as a replacement for a dodgy hostel one and as a dirty clothes bag the rest of the time.

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I think that 3/4 pants doesn't mean "3 to 4 pants," but rather "pants that are 3/4 length," which may be some of the confusion.

I am not a complete convert to quick dry stuff. When I travel now all my underware, socks and t-shirts are quick dry (save for a pair a socks for special occasions, if the trip so asks for it). And my towel is quick dry too. Best stuff in the world, if you ask me. Of course, I sweat like a... (insert something that sweats alot here - I can't think of anything right now) ... so quick dry stuff really works for me.

2 jeans is 2 much, but I won't argue with love.

7. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 616 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Depends on the weather! Plan it right and you need no winter clothing at all.
We went to Europe in summer so it was warm enough, although a light waterproof is wise.
Moving east into Asia in August September, then Australasia for their summer in Oct-Jan was good. Fiji, Hawaii and California are warm even though it was 'winter'.
I took one thin fleece, which I only wore in New Zealand in the evenings. Tip: get a zip-up fleece rather than a pull-over one, as you can regulate your heat better by opening it up.
Zip-off pants are a way of combining shorts and long trousers. They're not too untrendy these days either.
The one item of clothing I bought and didn't wear once was a long-sleeve shirt - again because it was hot, but also because we didn't enter any serious mosquito zones.

It also depends on how often you want to wash clothes. A lot of people go by the '1 to wear, 1 to wash and 1 to dry' philosophy, although this means washing every 2 or 3 days max, which isn't as much a chore as it sounds really, as you're only washing a few things.
Quick-dry stuff is worth it, and it usually lighter weight. There's no way I'd take 2 pairs of denim jeans - far too heavy.

Small Swiss Army Knife is a good thing. They are a cliche, but with good reason. You won't laugh when it saves you time and effort - just make sure it has a corkscrew on it for parties!

8. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey Loz,

When I was travelling in Europe, I found out that you can live off of a min. of 2 pairs of pants and some light skirts- you won't ever wear a dress and don't bring thermal underwear unless you are going to St. Petersburg, or something- (look up info on the cultures you're travelling to if you haven't already). Wear khakis (which are straw colored trousers that aren't see-through, and don't get ones that unzip b/c in Europe, deffinately, you will be considered a tacky tourist.) or some other trousers on the plane. Then you might want to bring a comfy pair of sweats to wear when you sleep in the cold (you don't want to have to buy these on the road, so pack them with you). If you are fit, you will fit into pants sold in almost any culture, especially in Europe. So don't worry about having buy another pair when you are there. You will be more fashionable that way. Not that jeans aren't fashionable- they are just really hard to dry in Asia. Think about humidity. It will take a long time and you will get frustrated and just leave them somewhere.

I agree with the windbreaker idea. Deffinately buy a coat in Europe if you can afford it. If you can't, just bring a jacket from home that is easily packable.

Absolutely bring flat, crappy sandles for the shower and keep them in a bag unless you want a tonne of planters worts!

Remember you can mail things home.

BTW, you will need as much socks as underwear in Europe. Europeans can get really grossed out by bare feet. (FYI: a German girl told me she thinks sweat from feet gets on carpet.) You will need socks that you can wear in sandles (like Birkenstocks, tip: buy some in Germany, send your old shoes home. They come in sandels and klogs and men's dress shoes). Don't bring runners unless you run daily and can't stand not running. In a pinch, gyms let tourists rent. Wear in the Birkenstocks while you travel in Europe. The more you wear them in, the more comfortable they get. They are made of cork and leather and rubber and can be re-soled. And if you bring sneakers, you're gonna regret it!

In a guidebook-recommended hostel that I stayed in, the showers didn't have curtains. Luckily it was my last stop in Europe (Munich) and I only had to stay for a couple days. I could only wash my hair in the sink. So pack a travel towel if you can stand one and a sarong (or buy it in Asia) so in case you stay in a place and get surprised you can use the sarong as a curtain and the camp towel to dry off afterwards. Also recommended for long hair is a face towel or a hair cut that can be maintained easily on the road.

No one can tell you this enough (I'm someone with a lot of street sense). Remember to put all your belongings into your locker or lock your pack with padlocks. Don't leave things on your bed, even if the cleaning staff are the only people around, because chances are someone you least expect will steal something you don't think anyone would steal.

I hope you have a great trip!



9. Posted by laoskijgah (Full Member 41 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for all your help everyone, I've already taken a few things off my list (including a pair of jeans!) I'm thinking I'll still bring thermals along though coz I wear them here in Sydney where it only gets to 10 degrees at the lowest and I'm pretty sure it'll get colder along the way (what a baby hey?)

Its so get to have so many helpful travellers advice!!

10. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 616 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

OUCH Steph!
Sandals and socks! Possibly the biggest fashion faux pas there is.
I thought only middle-aged men did that!
I have a vision of loz walking around in sandals, socks and thermals! Nice! (nothing personal of course.)
Remember that Europe is rich and varied and tastes vary widely.
Think of all the fashion centres of the world: London, Paris, New York, Milan.
Germany?.....Er, no.
German women never shave under their arms - English guys would not be impressed, so you'd have to dance with your arms by your side!
And I don't know how you got the impression that bare feet are not good.
I can't remember the last time I saw a woman wearing socks, unless she was wearing hiking boots.
But again, that could be a german thing.
Although even as a bloke, I always wear sandals in Europe (in the summer at least). But socks?