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Hey folks,

Me along with 3 other friends are visiting France and Italy between May 16th to June 1st 2008. We have drawn out a tentative plan of the cities to visit and would like to know if this is a feasible plan.

May 16th (Friday) leave Toronto

Sat 17 Paris
Sun 18 Paris
Mon 19 Paris

Tue 20 Strasbourg Day trip, get back to Paris in the evening and take a train(14hr journey) immediately for Rome.

Wed 21 Rome
Thu 22 Rome

Fri 23 Rome

Sat 24 Leave early from Rome at 7 (4 hrs.) to Venice for a day trip, then catch a ride from Venice to Florence.
Sun 25 Florence
Mon 26 Florence
Tue 27 Take train from Florence to Pisa (3 hr), then head from Pisa (1 hr) in the afternoon. And then leave from Pisa to Nice in the evening on the 27th
Wed 28 in Nice and the surrounding regions.
Thu 29 Nice
Fri 30 Nice
Sat 31 Paris

Sun 1 Flight back to Toronto

Is there anything we can add or do differently to further the experience? Also, we are planning on renting a car and driving around Nice and the surrounding regions because it works out cheaper and we figure we can sleep one night in the car and save some money.

You might have also noticed that there are 4 days allotted for Paris and that is because my friend has his aunt there and she has lent her apartment to us for that period. We could cut it a day short and spend it someplace else but we need to figure out where.

Thanks a bunch folks

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It sounds good. Just one question: why travelling from Rome to VEnice and then back to Florence? Some special reason?


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The leaning tower of Pisa can be seen in 2 hours. Spent more time in Venice instead. You can sleep cheap in Camping Alba di Oro hostel.

Personally I would look into getting to Venice from Strasbourg (nighttrain through Switzerland) or Paris (fly), then go down to Florence and Rome, then fly back to France from Rome.

Geographically it makes no sense to go to Strasbourg and then double back to Paris for the train to Rome. Can be that the train connections work out best that way, but I would try to avoid it. It only adds unnecessary travel time.

I found a connection leaving Strasbourg at 20:15 and arriving in Venice at 6 am for the 20th. Travel time would be 11hrs 43 min. Trains would pass through Switzerland.

If you do not wish to take the train in Switzerland, you can fly on the 21st from Basel to Rome with easyjet for 37 EUR.

And Vueling Airlines flies 18:25-21:00 Paris CDG to Venice VCE on the 20th for approx. 40 EUR per person.

You can also get Ryanair flights on the 20th from Paris to Rome.

See and for options.

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4. Posted by Gurt (Full Member 65 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I agree with the T-maia reply!
You win some time with that idea.

Perhaps you can use this time plus a little of your Italy time (Florence minus 1 day) to visit Napoli and especially Pompeii.
Roma - Napoli is 2.15 hrs by fast train (many times discounts) and Napoli - Pompeii
is about 30 minutes by Circumvesuvia train that leaves form Napoli central station.

Personally I would skip Pisa. Take picture from the internet and you've seen it:))

Car trip from Nice: go to Castellane as a start for a very nice canyon and
mountain trip.

Did you see my pictures of Italy on this site?

Have fun and a good trip!

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I agree with previous posts: from Rome, I would first stop in Florence and then procede to Venice, and I would spend a couple of days in Venice...

Then, from Venice you can travel to Nice either by train or by plane: AirDolomiti has a direct flight Venice-Nice once a week, and MyAir (low cost airlines) has direct flights from Venice to Marseille, which is quite close to Nice.


6. Posted by Dutch-Dimi (Budding Member 15 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I agree with the above guys don't double back from Strassbourg.

On your way from Florance to Pisa, make a small stop in Lucca. I had to change trains there so your out of the train anyway.

Lucca is in my oppinion different from Florance, pisa, sienna etc. Since the center is older. It has a city wall you can walk on, a nice church, a market square, and some other small things.

The train tranfer time for me was about 40 min, so skip one train and take the one an hour later you have almost 2 hours to see the center of Lucca. This should be enough if you have a map.

Rome trying to see Rome in 3 days is hard. I've been there for almost 2 weeks and still havn't seen all the nice sites.

Some friends of mine found a nice cheap hostel near Terminni station. This would be an nice base point.

Don't forget the St. Giovanni in Laterano church. Many travel guides fail to mention this cathedral. But it is the 2nd place for the pope to appear (if not in the St. Pietro). The cathedral has like most of them in Rome nice paintings etc.
Next to it (across the street) are the 'scala sancta'. These wooden stairs, said to be from the Pretorium of Pontius Pilatus in Jerusalem.

Also don't miss the Vatican. (Doh). It might be worth the 8 euro's (if my memory is correct) to visit the top of the dome. On your way up you will walk between the inner and the outer shell of the dome. At a halfway stop you have an nice balcony inside the St. Pietro. And on the top a great view of the vatican and the city of Rome.

For the Vatican Museums make sure you're in the queue on time. And try to live with 1-2 hours of costly time waiting to get in. In the end it will be worth all of it. I you're students of some kind bring you student ID. they give a nice discount. But they are realy strict in checking if it's realy a student ID.

If you need some more infromation about Rome send an PM.

have fun,

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Rome to Venice is a loooong ride. You'll be exhausted when you get there--let alone want to run around all day and leave for Florence. We did Rome-Venice-Florence, but stayed in Venice 2 days instead. It's a beautiful city--I'd even have stayed longer.

I think you're plan is a little too full. Paris and Rome alone would do you for 2 weeks. And don't underestimate how tiring travel can be--a long car, train or plane ride can wipe you out. If you have a lot of travel in there, chances are you'll need a little time just to stop and smell the roses.

Enjoy your trip! It'll be amazing.