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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I are travelling to Asia in June of this year and are a little confused about visa requirements for the countries en route to Thailand.

1) Do we have to pre-organise a visa for VIETNAM, or can we obtain one at the border?
2) .... the same question applies for Cambodia and Laos?
3) We are travelling through these countries en route to Bangkok, Thailand, where we have already booked our return flight to the UK, however does each country require proof an outward ticket? (ie. To obtain a visa into vietnam for instance, do we need an onward flight/train/bus ticket out of Vietnam etc...???)

Please help, any advice is much appreciated.


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1. Yes, you need one before you arrive in Vietnam
2. Mostly available at borders but not at every border. You might check the LP guide Mekong which includes all borders in this region. Thing might have changed every day.
3. No, they might ask you for the ticket back from Bangkok, but not a confirmed ticket out of the country you are travelling in/to. But even that rarely happens.


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Hi there...

Regarding the Vietnam Visa you can easily get one from Cambodia before travelling there assuming you are here in Cambodia to begin with of course. Takes a few days but is generally pretty straight forward.

Visa for Cambodia is generally best done upon arrival. Cost of $US20 per person for 1 month and takes 10mins as a rule...

From my experience you need no onward ticket and or any proof of anything to obtain visas. We live here and all we see is that these countries want the Forex they get from tourists buying visas.

Good luck and enjoy this most beautiful part of the world... and if you fancy doing so voluntary working whilst here... contact us!

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Both posters have given you good advice. I have only 2 things to add. You can get a visa on arrival to VN if you fly in. I just got my 'approval letter' via e-mail and will land in HCMC on Monday. I will let everyone know how it went after the 14th. This is of no help if you are arriving overland. The second thing is that it is difficult to get a Cambodian visa at the Hat Lek/Kok Kong border for $20. The crooks that man this border crossing want Thai baht and it works out to more than $30. Just the regular bit of graft in poor old Cambodia. At least you won't be confronted with this robbery at the Moc Bai/Bavet border crosssing with VN. Have a great trip.

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I have a similar situation to this,

I plan to travel to SE Asia as soon as I have completed the relevant vacinations and Ideally want to just make things up as I go. I am now considering travelling through Indonesia before continuing on to Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thaliand. My concern is having to have onward flights (or proof of onward travel) from each of these countries.

Indonesia, singapore and Vietnam should not be an issue as I would just plan around a month in Indonesia a few days in singapore and then onto Vietnam. That's where I get concerned. I will apply for the 30 day visa for vietnam before leaving, and from what I have been told I have up to 3 months from the date I put on the visa to enter vietnam before it becomes invalid.

Once in vietnam though I want the flexibility to just go with the flow, if I don't like a country and want to leave before the 30days is up I can etc. Also, maybee I will travel by bus or boat or a combination and hence won't need flights inter country.

Basically my question is, if I buy a ticket from Bangkok to Perth (I will be starting in Perth) say 6 months from the date I arrive in Indonesia or Singapore will the other asian countries deem this as an onward ticket?

My "Itenery" will look in effect like this perth > Indonesia > singapore > Vietnam > Perth (a seperate cheap ticket bought online several months in the future)

Thanks for the help

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