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Hi All,

Right I am booked to go 1st June I am planning my route and have been looking at cost of travel flying is quick but expensive as it costs about $250 to fly from Sydney to Cairns return. The bus cost maybe bit more but get to see alot more but then it takes 100 times longer.

Does anyone have any suggestions on any cheap flights or busses that travel the east coast?

Is it worth stopping at Brisbane area I heard it was over rated? Should I just fly from Sydney to Cairns?

Also I get the feel that Cairns is more a tourist place than anything else is this true can I really get the feel of australia there? I want to go North because of the climate.



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Im doing this http://www.ozexperience.com/

Much cheaper plus you get to see the whole of the East Coast :D

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Everything in Australia is expensive!

I have never thought much of Brisbane, but depends on your budget and what you want to do/ see.

Sydney -Cairns probably best bet, but bus may be way to go as may be cheaper and you wil see more if you have the time. There are places to go around Cairns to get away from the tourist theme.

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Cairns and its surrounding attractions are very touristy, mostly with backpackers. I have been there a few times and loved it.

There are some things between Sydney and Cairns that are great, Fraser Island is one of them. Lots of people go on OzExperience tours, they look pretty rushed but I've never been on one. Lots of people hire "Wicked" vans to travel in.

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if monies get a problem for you, just try to browse country link website. This is train transportation combine with bus. My experience was travelling from Gold Coast to Canberra, it cost more cheaper than you booked airlines.
First check point we went with cozy bus from Gold Coast to Sydney, then continue with train from Sydney to Canberra. It is more cheaper......


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