Canadians need a visa to visit china right?

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So I'm heading to China in December to see my sisters wedding, and I've even looked it up on government websites, and many other sources saying yes I need a visa for china. I have a problem though, my sisters fiance was in China a few years back, so I figured he'd know this, but apparently he doesn't think you need a visa, he told my sister that you only need a visa if your staying a certain amount of time. We're going to be in China for 9 Days, so my question is to canadians, can you tell me for sure that I will need one for a 9 day visit, I'm quite sure that I'm correct, but I guess you never know.


J Schnare

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I'm not Canadian, but I do know the correct sites to check for this stuff seeing I work in the travel industry. The following is what is applicable to Canadian passport holders wanting to travel to China:

Passport and visa required.

It is highly recommended to obtain visa prior to arrival.
However, provided meeting conditions (see: For details, click here
item 2.) a visa can be obtained on arrival at certain airports.

Valid visas in expired passports are accepted provided holding
valid passport of the same nationality.

However, visa not required provided:

1. coming for a stay of max. 6 days if arriving from Hong Kong
or Macao to take a trip to Zhujian Delta in Guangdong
Province and:
- travelling as tourist in a group organized by a Chinese
international tour operator or registered travel agency;
- entering/travelling and departing only from the following
cities: Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Jiangmen,
Shantou, Shenzheng, Zhaoqing, Zhongshan or Zhuhai; OR

2. holding an APEC (see: TIRULES/R28 or TIRGL/APEC )
Business Travel Card, provided the back of the card states
that it is valid for travel to China.

Visitor must hold all documents for next destination and
sufficient funds to cover stay.

Travel to Tibet will also require a special Tibet Entry Permit.

For those taking part in, or connected with the Beijing Olympic
Games and Paralympic Games:

Passport and Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC)
or Paralympic Identity and Accreditation Card (PIAC)

The passport number and visa number will be recorded on the

The OIAC is valid for the period 00:01 July 8, 2008 to 23:59
September 23, 2008 and the PIAC is valid from 00:01 August 6,
2008 to 23:59 October 16, 2008. All times are Beijing Time.
For full details, see: TINEWS/N13 .

Non-compliance with entry regulations will result in
deportation of passenger by same or returning aircraft.
Fines for the transporting carrier varying between CNY 500.-
and CNY 2,000.- will be levied for each passenger with an
additional fine varying between CNY 5,000.- and CNY 10,000.-.
Note: immigration is now carrying out stronger document checks.

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Thanks so much aharrold45, I just sent this post to my sister, if this doesn't get him believing. I'm going to tell him to call the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.


J Schnare