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1. Posted by JakubM (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Me and my friend are planning a european tour. We plan on going for 2 months together, and I plan on staying an extra month. We're trying to work out our itinerary and travel expenses. We'll be leaving at the beginning of October (around what time does it start getting really cold)? Since we plan on couch surfing most of the time, stay won't be a huge expense and we expect travel to take up a majority of our budget. I'd like some advice on how to get from destination to destination (so far we've been looking at for airfare and for train tickets), also the how we should expect to get to centers of town since I've heard some airports are out of the city, what we should exclude or add to our destinations, and any other suggestions. We also want to figure intercontinnental travel in euros since we expect the dollar to fluctuate.

Arive in dublin. Stay for 2 days. We found flights from california for about 350-400 dollars.
London - 5 days, flight should be around 15euro by ryanair
Barcelona - 4 days, again, 15euro flight via ryanair
Rome - 4 days, another 15 euro flight
Venice - 2 days, by train
Vienna - 3 days, train
Budapest - 3 days, train
Warsaw - 4 days, train
Prague - 3 days, train
Berlin - 3 days, train
Nurenbergh (if it doesn't cost an insane amount to drive the ring) - 1 day, train
Amsterdam - 5 days, train
Paris - 5 days, train

That leaves us with about 16 days. We're not sure whether to add the majority to a few select cities or try to distribute them evenly.

Then probably back to Dublin for my friend to catch a flight to the states, and I personally have no idea what to do for the last month. Maybe backtrack two or three cities I liked, or any other suggestions?

The reason we choose the general route is because we found its much cheaper to get from london to barcelona and paris to dublin than from london to paris, and barcelona to dublin, and as far as we've found, the cheapest flights from the states are to dublin.

Also, any suggestions on how to get around by train. From prices we checked on we'd have to cut the number of train trips by two probably to make it affordable. Would a europass be a good idea for what we plan to do? I haven't done much research on them, it just seems that most people advise against them on here in favor or point to point tickets. How far ahead of time should we book the ryanair and train tickets?

Also, any suggestions as to which we should cut first if we were to? London is a must, everyone tells me Barcelona is awesome, my mom suggested Budapest, I was born in Warsaw, so that's another must, everyone tells me great things about Prague, I'm not set on Berlin, but I'd like to see Germany, Amsterdam is a must, I'd really like to see Paris.

Thanks for the help,

2. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

first u must see Berlin. Yes. Budapest is amazing. Warsaw not so great. I think Barcelona is highly overrated. Take a day from Vienna and go to Bratislava - 1 hour train ride and cheaper beer! 5 days in Amsterdam seems alot to me unless ur a massive stoner. Spend more time in Poland too, if ur Polish. Torun, Gdansk, are nice towns.

u should tack on about 10-15 pounds extra for ryanair flights in and out of London cuz the bus/train transfer to the city is not included in the cost. That goes for most rynaair flights, which invariably, are outside the city a bit.

and yeah, whenever i go back to the states is always from Dublin. It is the cheapest. Your last month, maybe travel Ireland? I spent 4 weeks there and never saw the entire thing, mainly under a table in Temple bar...oi..young and stupid. You can easily have a nice holiday in Ireland for 4 weeks around the entire island.

3. Posted by DubMads (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Both Ryanair and Aerlingus are tempting as hell but unfortunately, not always the cheapest option due to all the hidden extras. Have you had a look at inter railing? Your time scale seems pretty well played out.. though in personal experience, theres no need for 5 days in Amsterdam.. believe me, you'll spend most of it in your hostel room:) Dublin & London, and Paris.. three of the most expensive cities in Europe so unless your willing to pay the prices, I wouldnt recommend staying long.. however all definitely worth seeing... without a doubt!

4. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

First all a little warning about Ryanair: Be aware of their weight limits. They will make you pay for every kilo you take extra. Also be aware that you need to make transfers to the cities you go to. (you will land at more distant airports, than the major airlines do), so give yourself some extra time. (the flight to Barcelona lands at Girona airport, where other smaller budgetairlines like Vueling and Clickair, use El Prat airport, the major airport near to Barcelona.)

There are more airlines that offer good prices, Ryanair and Easyjet are by no means the only ones. If you book far enough ahead you will get great prices, but be sure to book at least 2-3 months in advance.

I see that you are almost returning to the point you start. If you do that because you book tickets to London, and also back to London, than see if you can get Open-Jaw tickets at your travel agent. These tickets will be more expensive, but save you the trip back to your startingpoint. You could start in London, and make the flight back from e.g. Warsaw.

I think the time you give yourself is OK. I would add one day to Vienna, if for any reason you feel this extra day it too much when you are there, you can take the twincityliner (boat) or the train to Bratislava for a daytrip.

I would trade Warsaw for Krakow. But as it is a must-see for you, I would see if there is a possibility to add Krakow, like you say, you still have 16 days left. I would also add a day for Berlin. It's a big city, with a lot of sight spread out over the entire city, so it can take time to get places. (Metro is a prefect way to get around). Check on the Pergamon museum, and the Kulturbrauerei.

Some logical places to go and see for the additional 16 days: would be Madrid (fly London - Madrid - Barcelona), 4 days, with 2 daytrips to Segovia and Toledo.

Another pretty logical place to visit is Florence (in between Rome and Venice) - 3 days

Also Innsbruck and Salzburg can be fitted in pretty easily, between Venice and Vienna. Innsbruck is good for the scenery (take a cablecar to the (almost) summit of the Hafelekar. And from Salzburg you can pay a visit to Werfen, (the Ice Caves: and the castle Hohenwerfen.) which is just south of Salzburg. There are also other smaller places in the neighbourhood, like Hallstatt. Innsbruck 2 days, Salzburg 2 + daytrips.

When you go from Prague to Berlin, it might be a good idea to leave Prague early, get out at Dresden, see the city, and go ahead to Berlin in the early evening. Of course you could also spend the night in Dresden giving you more time.

5 days in Amsterdam can be a little bit too much. I think 3 days can be enough. In between Amsterdam and Paris it would be doable to fit in a visit to Brugge (Bruges) - 2 days. but you can also add trips to Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven.


I believe you mean the Nürbergring which is in the West of the country in the Eiffel region. So don't confuse it with Nürnberg, which is in Bayern / Bavaria. It's a pretty remote place, so it might be a bit of a pain to get there. I have always understood that the people that go there, race around the track in their own car. But I might be wrong.

If you have a set itinerary, take a look at They can give you a good advise on the railpasses you need. is also good for looking at the timetables, but I think you will have found that out already. In most cases you will have to go the national railways of the countries, to book the tickets (if you need them), or make reservations. (the red R in the bahn-timetables tells you that you need a reservation for that train).

5. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

yeah id shave off a day or 2 for amsterdam... you dont need 5 days here... its a GREAT place but you dont need 5 days to see what you want to see.

i can see youre expecting to pay 10-15 pounds/€ for flights with ryanair, but id be really careful about that... there are hidden taxes, you have to pay to check ur luggage and if its too heavy they will make you pay extra! ive also heard of an extra €3 tax you have to pay just becuase your not an EU passport holder, tho we didnt have to pay that, cos the checkin lady said we didnt have to bother...

id check train fares, in advance you can get from a'dam to berlin for €50, paris for about €50 as well... eurolines, the bus company also offers really cheap fares between cities, as well as multi-destination passes...

madrid is good for a few days, and a day trip to toledo is a must do if youre there!

there are SO many budget airlines, you can check to get to eastern europe, as well as wizzair... but they dont fly out of some major airports ie they dont fly from amsterdam, rather eindhoven which is 2,5 hours from amsterdam and would cost an extra €20.. so you have to be careful with that!!

6. Posted by Eddiebleek (Budding Member 15 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!


it looks like you have a good plan I'm also in the same situation, I don't quite know exactly I'm doing yet. But I just wanted to let you know that if you want to hit up the track in Nurenbergh, you have to be 25 or older to rent a car. if you want pm me and Ill forward you the quotes and emails I got from the track and the "race car" rental.