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My friends and I have always organised our own 'extreme' fundraising events to raise money for the charity Cancer Research UK.

Recently, whilst searching for the next event, our small group began to play with the notion of something a little more challenging. We've often raised considerable amounts for our charity, but we always felt our efforts dwarfed by the spirit, enormous determination and endeavour shown by those who struggle to fight cancer.

So when we began to plan our next event, we chose something different.

We planned to 'maroon' ourselves on an island, where we could cope without Western technology, without aid or shelter, surviving as thousands before us have.

We made initial contact with travel website in the hopes we would find a suitable location, with varied success.

A very helpful member of the Travellerspoint team directed me to these forums, where someone, somewhere, might know of a possible location for our event.

What we need, is to identify issues such as the location and its surrounding details, and obtaining the necessary permission/permits/visas.

I notice that there are a vast mix of nationalities using this forum. People from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Fiji to name a few. I'm sure without actually knowing it, you might have indispensable knowledge that could be useful. Please post.

I thank you in advance for any information at all that you can provide to help us.
If you would prefer, you may contact me directly (with confidence) via forum PM

Kind Regards,
Robert Snedden

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Optional Reading

Just some background info on what response we've had, and what is happening.

Really, we want the necessary legitimate permission for our trip. However, previous communication with several foreign embassies has shown us the general consensus seem that they are weary to give their consent due to the dangers involves; and unless you have massive amounts of finance to insure every eventuality (some of which including sickness or expensive evacuation procedures) they are not interested in considering your venture.

Although the trip will be announced, we do not regard it as a 'holiday' and we will not be recruiting for people to join us.

We believe this challenge will raise great amounts of awareness and aid for our chosen charity, it will show the world how few people can make a difference, and it will be an adventure for us.

But, because I believe in being adequately prepared, we have attempted to exhaust every problem we may encounter. Including travel and airline costs and most provisions, (financed by ourselves, in order to ensure all of our sponsorship goes to our chosen charity). Any extra support we may require will be provided by our private benefactor. Although this has not really been discussed at detail, we should also consider permissions for any media that might record and or promote our cause from over-seas. We also hope to have a safe stay, with some provision for medical backup.

The P's:
Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Prepare Yourself!

In-line with our preparations for this trip, must familiarize yourselves with/achieve before going.

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance


2. Physical Fitness (Royal Marine Commando training tool, minimum FOUR week fitness level using your own schedule)

3. Swimming ability (Specifically holding breathe under-water for good durations. 40-50 lengths in an hour is the benchmark minimum

4. Medical knowledge/proficiency

Some news from Cancer Research UK

Some good news on a different note: I had a chat with a gentleman cancer research, who basically wanted to make sure we’d planned sufficiently, and were not going to 'expire' out there while wearing our ‘Cancer Research UK’ t-shirts!
He even gave me contact details for Cotswields (not sure on spelling) who may supply us with free equipment for our trip, on the basis we provide some sort of photographic advertising while we’re there.

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No updates this week really.

Please, post and info you have.