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Hey guys,

How long does it take from Manila to Bohol and what are the options available to go there?



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Bohol is reachable by plane from Manila. A number of airlines service the Tagbilaran Airport in the island province capital of Tagbilaran, like Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines... Cebu Pacific offer cheaper fares... it takes about an hour flight from Manila.

The main beach resort area in Bohol is on Panglao island adjacent to island of Bohol and is connected by bridges. Along Alona Beach there are a number of white beach resorts... its about an hour drive from Tagbilaran.

On Bohol, aside from diving and swimming, you may also visit the Chocolate Hills, a collection of cone-shaped hills.. cruise on Loboc River, see the Tarsiers, and visit a number of historical markers including the Baclayon Church... you may want to check out Philippine Tourism's site for their packages.. we did took their package last time we went to Bohol..

oh just to add.. you can also reach Bohol by ferry from the Port of Manila... you can check Super Ferry, WGA, or Negros Navigation

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Salamat po, for the information! I wanted to know how long it'll take from Manila to Bohol b/c I'm planning my itinerary for Pinas once again. Opo, I know the tourist attractions in Bohol and it has been quite some time since I wanted to see the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers.

Anyway, there are budget hotels or backpackers inn at Bohol, right? B/c this trip is a budgeted trip. And how much would it usually cost to go to the beaches from Tagbilaran? Any buses available?

Off topic; any idea how much will the fuel surcharge, taxes and insurance cost for Cebu Pacific Air? Just want to make a comparison.


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Oh I thought you're Malaysian from your name description...

I'm not very sure of the local transport on Bohol island itself but I think there should be jeepneys in Tagbilaran that should be able to bring you from Tagbilaran to Alona Beach or to Panglao.. I have not seen any minibuses on the island when I was there.

I think there are backpackers inns there... there should be in Tagbilaran...

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Eya, Kyels!

You can also reach Bohol via fastcraft ferries from Cebu (Supercat vs. Oceanjet). That's about 1.5-2hrs from Cebu. Flights from Manila are about an hour long.

From Tagbilaran, travelers usually take the taxi to Panglao island. They have standard tariff rates, which you can check in the nearby tourism office. They're also in a queue, with laminated copies of the rates. I think the trip to Panglao is P500. Best if you can split this with other travelers headed for Panglao. You can get a taxi to bring you to your resort first, wait for you, and then go on the day tour with him for just the cost of the day tour :)

Bohol Divers Resort have cheap fan rooms near the beach. The others can be a bit more expensive for a backpacker. There's a really inexpensive, but seriously rustic, place called Nuts Huts and they're by the river, not the beach.

So when are you coming back? :)