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Im going to Norway at the end of the month for 5 days... were spending a day in oslo and going to a concert at night, but then the next day were driving to Trondheim where my friend comes from. were staying at her familes house, and im wondering, aside from seeing the city, what should i do there? is there anything around trondheim i should see? we'll have a car and 2 or 3 days to spend in and around trondheim...

24th fly to oslo in the evening
25th see oslo, concert at night (VIP tickets WOO!)
26th drive to trondheim
27th trondheim
28th trondheim
29th drive back to oslo, fly back to amsterdam

any suggestions would be great!! I plan on not really spending much on food because ill be staying with my friends family, we'll buy alcohol in the supermarket and have a few drinks before we go out (i dont wanna buy drinks in the bar), but aside from that i dont really know how much money i should budget. im on a tiiiiight budget, and i know norway is a dumb place to go on a budget cos its so expensive, but i have no idea how much ill spend... ill have maybe €200 for 5 days, with no accom, and very little food costs...

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On a tight budget, fuel will be an issue. With no accom and little food costs, it will be your biggest expense by far.

Oslo to Trondheim is roughly 500km by road, much of it winding mountain roads. It will take a good 6-7hours to drive, and petrol prices are amongst the highest in Europe (roughly 1.5euro/litre). It depends on if you are renting a car or if you don't have to pay for that, and also how many people you are, but it may well work out cheaper by public transport. Train prices (minipris special offer) are 199NOK if booked in advance, roughly 25euro. has some fairly cheap prices and on those dates, you can fly for 770NOK return. Bus is an option, but not a quick one.

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doesnt the train take like 18 hours to trondheim then? Im going with a norwegian, and she reckons the car is the best bet simply cos of our time contraints, and ive already planned on €100 for petrol... i dont have that much time and so dont want to spend all the time in the train!

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Oslo - Trondheim by day is about 6hrs 30, and by night train it's a bit under 8hours, though obviously you can sleep through that to maximise time (using the night train in one direction makes sense as you don't necessarily need to see the scenery twice, though it would be a shame to do it in both directions)

If you use the viamichelin route planning site, it suggests a quickest legal time of 7hours 13mins by road.

Driving times depend on many factors, but you should probably bank on at least 7hours (and if you stop for a meal etc, it will obviously be longer), so variation isn't that much. A few years ago, it took us about 9hours in a landdrover, with a couple of 30min stops, and whilst it obviously isn't the fastest of vehicles, weren't really hanging about. If you are travelling fast, you can probably do it in 6hours or so, but that is really pushing it, not entirely legal, and also, obviously, will increase fuel consumption and costs as well.