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Im a female from the UK and am planning to go to Oz next year, so i'll be 22. Its something ive always wanted to do, more so recently when my plans to buy my own place totally went out the window. Ive read loads of travellers blogs saying how amazing it is, but alot are from people travelling in at least pairs. I wont be. I'll be on my own. That said it still looks and sounds amazing. So im now in between being both scared and excited.

My biggest question is it safe and will i be ok on my own?

I'd be looking to work and im gonna talk to my employers here in the UK to see their thoughts as they are a huge international company so i will see about that. I'd love to do abit of travelling first before settle somewhere for a bit

Any info on wheres nice, cost of living, etc will be great.

I just hope come next yr im gonna have the courage to do it alone



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Hi natafli, I'm sure you'll end up having a great time if you come to Australia. If you're starting off travelling alone, you'll probably meet some friends and end up travelling in a group which is what the people I met seem to do. If you do travel alone nothing beats common sense, obviously no wandering around in dark alleys at midnight, no swimming in crocodile infested waters etc.

I have heard Sydney and Melbourne are the most expensive cities to live in, and they are the most populated. Everywhere is nice in its own way, it depends on what you're looking for.

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Seriously Natalie, just do it! and dont let no one dissuade you - friends or family - its your dream and only you can fulfil it - there'll be plenty of people who will try to talk you out of it or circumstances etc. Dont you let em, about 2 years ago i was in the same situation and thanks to TP members, persuaded me to do a few things that saw my dream RTW for a year actually happen. Im now back here bout 5 months after it and loved every bit of it - have some friends who have left to do theirs when i was half way around the world and now im so missing being out there - enjoying it - but thats cause im screwed financially and until I sort that out i wont be doing much travelling but i will soon.

One last thing - go on your own - it'll be so much better, i dont know how many people I know who were supposed to go with mates, only for there mates to back down, I went on my own and wouldnt do it any other way.

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uve made me feel tonnes better so thank u. its one of those fears that i think may be a good thing.

its there anywhere u guys recommend?


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hey again, depending on when you're going to be travelling I wouldn't miss visiting:
- Blue Mountains (near Sydney) for hiking and the sandstone cliffs, best in spring
- Great Barrier Reef for diving and snorkelling, best in late winter
- Litchfield National Park (Near Darwin) for its amazing waterfalls and swimming, best in winter
- Part of the Kimberley (North West Australia) for its remoteness best in winter
- Central Australia to see Uluru best in late autumn, winter or early spring
- Ningaloo Reef on the mid west coast for diving, snorkelling and seeing the whales
- Part of the West Coast because the beaches are beautiful

If you're going to settle for a while and you like the city feel then I think Melbourne or Sydney would be the places to be. If you're more into the relaxed vibe then Perth or Brisbane might be better. I haven't suggested Darwin because it was the most humid place on earth, and I didn't find anything appealing around Adelaide to do.

If you need more info or pics of any places, feel free to ask, Australia is a huge place with heaps to see.

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Certainly going it alone in Aus is safe. And as everyone has mentioned you'll find some friends quick enough.

The Greyhound is one of the best ways to get around Aus traveling. Unless of course you meet someone with a car. They have hop-on hop-off routes that are valid for 3 months or what ever.

Deffinately get to Airely(?) Beach and get on a boat for a few days out to the reef. I went on an ex-Whitbread racing yaught called Spank Me which was great fun.

Once you get on the Dog (the Greyhound bus) circut you'll hear what to see and do.

Have fun!