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Hello all!

This is Elisa, from Spain.
I'm planning my holidays for June this year, two weeks from San Diego to Las vegas, LA, Monterrey & S.Francisco. We're including a day trip to Colorado Canyon from Las Vegas (the four of us agree in taking a plane instead of driving so long). There're many many companys that offer this service and it's beeing too difficult for me to choose one (of course, all of them are much better than the others and they tell you in their websites).
Anyway, appart from the company (which is a big doubt) and without many price problems (middle price) but the whole day long, we have unother question; Which rim? In Spain, rivers have only two rims: North and south (or left and right) but Colorado river has three rims, to complicate more my decission... buuuff!!! any suggestion?
I know South is more accesible, and North maybe more inhospit but we're planning to go on an airplane day long trip, so accesibility is the same, (What about west?) . We'll probably never came back to Colorado, so it's a difficult decission... help, please!!!

By the way, we're going also to Alcatraz. Some people tell that the visit in the evening-night it's the more beautiful, but it's too cold... (also in the middle of June?) Which one do you recommend me? along the day or in the sunset?

Any other recommendation???

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Hello Elisa
I think you mean Grand Canyon. The north rim is said to be very interesting, but it is very isolated. The south rim is where everybody goes, and it will also have the visitor center where you will be able to find a lot of information about the Grand Canyon.
As far as the San Francisco area being cool in June, Mark Twain (very famous United States author) once said "The coldest winter
I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".
I would also like to add that you are correct, it is the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon.

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I can't help you with your Grand Canyon bit as i am only going there this year, but your San Fran section!

The Alcatraz tour is very good. We heard it is suppose to be very spooky at night but you will need to book well ahead of time! It was booked up for about 10 days when I was there August 2006.

Though it's cooler than the rest of California it won't be cold at night. Just take a pullover and /a jacket.

A really great thing to do if you have an extra day in San Fran is to get push bikes from blazing saddles near the water front and ride over the Bridge I was very fit and my friend was definately not fit and it wasn't too much hard work. We went to Sulsalido (?) and then back on the ferry. Well worth the 5 or hours on a nice day.

Happy travels!


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Hello all,
only to say thanks to you. I think in the end we'll go to the North Rim and also in the end, we'll try an evening trip to Alcatraz. Coming to a cold city in the North of Spain, it can't be too much!!
Thanks again. If i can help you with Spain...

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If you are planning to stay in a lodge at the North Rim this year, you'll need to book now (in fact, even now may be too late), since over 5 million visitors come to the Grand Canyon each year.

Here's the link giving you the info:


P.S. I personally like the North Rim better, although the disadvantage is that you can't drive along the north rim, like you can the south rim