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Hi Everyone,

I am Mandy From the USA and I am a Junior in High school. My DREAM is to travel! I was going to study abroad until I found out that my credit would not transfer over back to my school therefore having me take another year of school. Instead I am going to Europe for 3 weeks (France, Germany, and Switzerland!) I can't wait I am also going to coasta rico next year! When I go to college I plan to study abroad. The candles is windling and soon have to look at colleges and have to pick one. I was wondering if you could give me a list of jobs that would allow me to travel the world and experience new things? I have very good people skills, adventurous, I am hard working, and optimistic. I am not very good at math or science but excel in History, Contempt Global Issues and English classes. I enjoy traveling and would like to make traveling apart of my career in life. So if you could please tell me careers that fit this profile I would love to hear them!

Thanks for your help!


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Quoting Mandy32

I am not very good at math or science but excel in History, Contempt Global Issues...

You've piqued my curiosity: what's a Contempt Global Issue?

As for jobs, it all depends on what you want to do. If you're ok going from country to country doing small jobs to make ends meet, that's one option. If you want a career that takes you travelling, you could work in tourism (travel agent, ship work, airline hostess, etc.), business (international sales, representative, etc.), and on and on. A lot of business travel means a lot of travelling and not much seeing, though.

You've got a lot of options. You'll just need to explore and see what suits you best!

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Well, I think she means Contemporary Global Issues--which leads into the job that probably travels more than any other--Diplomat. These are people that work for the United States State Department (or similar position for another country) and travel around the world working out the details on treaties between different countries. It could be on a Peace Treaty, a Trade Agreement (detailing who will get what kinds of advantages in what types of business dealing between the countries or between their businesses), or even a Transportation agreement (like deciding how many airline flights can go in and out of certain airports from which countries--and to which other cities).

Other jobs that travel a lot are sales representatives or distributors representatives--who represent certain products in other counties, promotional representatives (like the people that sell movies or TV shows to other theatre owners or TV station owners in other countries), theatrical entertainment (like rock stars who go from place to place on tours), and consultants--who travel all over the place. For example, IT consultants from India and from Southeast Asia come to the US to do work all the time.

I also travel a bit in my job--which is as an auditor for an international company--but that's not really very common normally. My job is to make sure that our international offices are adding up the costs and sales correctly overseas--and I do the same thing here in the US for our US offices. Nowadays, such a check is required by new laws after the Enron and Worldcom financial scandals of 2000 and 2001--look up those names if you want more info.

Good luck to you, Mandy--and I hope you find the perfect job to fulfill your dreams of travel.

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One of the easiest field to get into is teaching English as a second language. There is huge demand. Just Google ESL jobs

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One of the best jobs you can have is teaching. Not just english as a second language. There are thousands of international schools in all parts of the world looking for teachers of all kinds, history, math, english, sciences and so on. With a teaching degree from a certified college or university the world is open to you. I started late in my career, 24 years into it, but have still gotten to live and work in Africa, the Middle East and now in Asia. You not only get to live in these places, they pay for your travel each year and provide housing, insurance and many other benefits. Average contracts are for two years but can be extended and many teachers stay 2 or 3 years and then move on to other countries or continents. You save lots of money, have lots of time to travel over school holidays and meet some of the best people imaginable. Education first and then the perks.