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Hi, i'm looking for a flight to peru from manchester or london. Does anyone have any recommendations of cheap airlines that fly there, maybe with an open ended ticket as I'm not sure when I'll want to go back. Also does anyone know what the weather will be like august-December. I know that it's hot & dry all year but wasn't sure about the seasons. Cheers:)

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There is no such thing as a cheap ticket to Peru from Europe. Most tickets are around 700-800 euros minimum, but more like 900 would be realistic. So that is around 650-700 GBP on average.
From Europe, KLM flies directly from Amsterdam to Lima and both Iberia and Air Comet fly directly from Madrid. Other options require a change of planes somewhere in between.

Also, the weather is more diverse than you would think and apart from some parts it doesn't have the usual tropical climate you would expect.
Lima is mild and dry most of the time and warmer from November to March/April with temperatures around 25 or a bit higher. It never gets very hot. August/september it can be a bit cold sometimes even and some showers are a possiblity as well.
The coast both north towards Ecuador and south towards Chile are warm and dry most of the year, with occasional fog from the pacific penetrating inland further as you would think. Tacna in the south is the driest.

Cuzco on the other hand has temperatures of around 18 degrees during the day year round, with night temperatures dropping below zero in winter (july/august). Nov-march is 'rainy' season however with one every two days on average with some rain. Arequipa is a bit warmer than Cuzco and has much less rain, only january-march sees some more showers.

Iquitos is hot and humid al year round and doesn't have a realy dry season although july and august are bit drier. Average rainfall is 250 mm a month!

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Hey you might wish to consider getting a cheap flight to New york or miami from london then but a separate ticket with either avianca or spirit airlines. Thats how Ive found it to be cheapest. Its best to do it as early as possible. So if you plan it well you can possibly find a return london to lima for about 500 pounds.

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I have heard from travellers here that spirit is cheap too.

I am flying Lima to Atlanta then homewards. My open jaw ticket was 800 pounds flying Edinburgh to Atlanta to Rio and then Lima to Atlanta to Paris to Edinburgh. That was booked 6 months ish in advance.

Also, as said, the weather is massively diverse here in Peru.

Head to Huacachina south of Lima for some great weather in the oasis!!! Here now. Awesome stuff.