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Hey guys,
Our names are Nomes and Dan and we will soon be arriving in Melbourne to do a 12 month stint working and travelling.
We were wondering do you have to dress smart, like suit etc, for general job interviews.
i.e receptionists, barman . . .
Whats the best approach to finding work as a traveller??

Cheers everyone!!

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In regards to dressing for interviews, it kinda depends on what the job is. Say for an office job, reception, secretary etc. a suit wont really be neccessary (for guys) your best bet would just be to shower, shave, wear clean neat clothes, a shirt with a collar is always good and tuck it in ;) trousers not shorts or jeans, nice shoes, or if you've only got sneakers, make sure they're clean and a dark color I reckon.
For girls, it's very much the same, except you've got way more nice clothes to choose from

Bar work and hospitality is MUCH more relaxed and in most cases employers look for people that have that "stylish, youthful, energetic" look.. I mean obviously if someone walks in with a mohawk and every inch of their face pierced with large chunks of metal and safety pins chances are they won't get the job.. however, if you end up looking for on Brunswick street in Melbourne you might just get away with it
Again, it depends on what the job is.. Restaurants and hotels tend to be more on the conservative side and sometimes even supply uniforms, so as long as you look clean and reliable, it doesnt really matter what you wear to the interview.
Bar's and cafe's range from being mildly conservative to the complete opposite, giving Johnny Mohawk with the piercings a full time job without asking questions!

The best thing you can do (for hospitality) is to just go to the place as a customer and just see what the staff and other customers look like themselves.

For all other work you may look at as travellers, and Im assuming you'll be looking for short term stuff such as the afore mentioned hospitality and clerical positions, when it comes to labour, industrial, fruit/harvesting/farm work, warehouse and factory work (which are really easy jobs to get) the way you dress really wont matter at all.. in fact a lot of these kinds of jobs won't even require a resumé. All they wanna know is that you'll turn up and do your work!

There are many different ways to find work.. Employers who want temporary workers will often advertise in hostels - in tourist areas that is.
The local newspaper, usually the weekend editions have the largest jobs lists (look under "classifieds")
The internet, there are a few employment type websites.. http://www.seek.com.au and http://www.careerone.com.au are quite well know throughout Australia
There are also organizations called "recruitment agencies" which specialize in finding temporary and casual staff for employers, however these tend to be more focused on industrial type positions, but there are other ones as well, I just dont know them ;)
But these agencies are really good, I have moved around a lot in Australia and I have found them really helpful when moving to a new city and trying to get on my feet. Once you are registered with them, they keep your file and when you need work you just ring them up and tell them to re-activate it. Ive had both casual temp work and also full time jobs thru these guys.
Here's a list of ones that I know are Nationwide and have branches in most capital cities (and some other larger cities as well). But there are many more (usually local), just look in the yellow pages (phonebook) in whatever city you are staying in/closest too under "employment"

Adecco www.adecco.com
Drake www.drakeintl.com
Skilled www.skilled.com.au
IPA Personnel www.ipa.com.au
Manpower www.manpower.com.au

Well, it would seem that Ive rambled on for quite some time now, hope you havent died of boredom yet
Hope this helps!
Have fun

- Phil

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Hey phil,
Thank you ever so much for the detailed reply!! You be pleased to hear we are still alive and didnt die of boredom!!
You reply was more than we expected to get so again we're very greatfull!!
Take care or speak soon!
Dan and Nomes