Planning a trip to South america.....where to start??

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My boyfriend and i are flying into Brazil on 3rd Nov, we want to travel thru Brazil, Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Peru, Equador, ideally getting back to brazil for carnival but dont really know where to start with planning an itinnery, any advice??

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Its a tricky one and I had the same problem. Brazil is such a massive country and we wanted to go for carnival. We ended up flying into and out of Brazil, quite expensive.

Our route, which we are still on is....

Chile....down to Patagonia via Pucon, dont miss the volcano climb, sliding down is great fun....into Southern Argentina...up to middle Argentina...into Chile...flight from Santiago to Rio (we stayed at the great Casa Aurea Hostal in Santa Teresa)....down to Sao Paulo via Ihla Grande and Paraty...flight to Quito....Galapagos....back to Quito....into Peru.....the Inca Trail is magic, as is Colca Canyon and Cusco in La Paz and finish going overland into Argentina

Hope that helps. You{ll probably have to look at flights is the short answer!

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Hi, have a little look at the map on my profile.

Att he moment I am doing a similar trip but I added in Bolivia instead of Equador. I really think you should consider adding Bolivia. Too much to see there to miss and it is dirt cheap. Always a nice option nearer the end especially with carnival to pay for.

I have also uruguay in there as you will note but it would be easy to miss out from my itinerary.

Incidently, I flew into Rio on 25th October so a similar time of year. We´ve had A1 weather pretty much our whole trip as was planned for.

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Tricky your adventures have got me very excited and cant wait to go now! We will certainly think about adding bolivia but we really want to include equador and go out to the galapagos islands. Although we're not on a set time limit, how much money we spend will probably dictat how long we can stay. We actually fly into Sao Paulo but by the sounds of things we wont stay there too long! Thanks for your help guys xx

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Get yourself the Lonely Planet South America guide and look at the suggested itineraries that are normally in the first few pages of the book. This is usually the way I get ideas when I am planning a trip for myself. Also looking in books that have a lot of travel photography to see which places look really nice that I think I would like to visit. That normally gets my mind working on a great itinerary.

You could start in Rio De Janiero and then work your way south through Brazil, Uraguay, Argentina down as far as Ushuaia. Then make your way back up through some areas of Patagonia you didn't see on the way down, going through Chile and any areas of Argentina that appeal to you that you missed on the way down. Then head up through some of Bolivia up through Peru on to Equador and then fly back to Rio De Janiero to cut huge amounts of land down. This will take quite a while, but if you manage your time well and maybe get a couple of flights along the way to cut some huge distances out, then you could make it. You wouldn't have much time to relax, but it would be an amazing trip!

To cut huge amounts of land out and many long days of overland travel, after going to Southern Argentina and heading across in to Chile you could get a flight from Puerto Montt-Santiago. Then get a bus across to Buenos Aires (a really picturesque bus trip) where you could then get a flight to Lima. After seeing a little of Peru get a flight to Quito and after seeing some of Equador get another flight back to Rio De Janiero just in time for Carnival. Having a section like this is probably far more likely to fit in with the time you'd have than going mostly overland, but it just depends on how much detail you really want to see South America in and how much money you have to spend. Flights are very expensive in South America so if you had a round the world ticket for your flight to South America, you would want to try and get as much out of your allowed flights there.

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