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1. Posted by DeW-R (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

I've been looking around the net for some around the world tickets. I've found sites where they offer up to 6 stops. The prices are a bit over 4k and it's a bit more than I had on my budget.
I've heard of around the world tickets that do litterally let you take any flight to anywhere as long as seats are available but can't seem to find them anywhere.
Is there such tickets?

2. Posted by monie (Budding Member 29 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

One idea
Check out STAtravel.com, go to plan your trip and then go down to "create your own trip". All prices are in USD.

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have a look at star alliance and one world - these both incorporate several major airlines and offer round the world tickets:



also try calling flight centre and trailfinders for competitive prices.

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You might also just keep on getting prices every day. I just last week had the experience of going to the airlines ticket office and got a quote of 1,700.00 for a flight from Yangon to L.A. (they could not issue a ticket for the flight all the way to Houston). I went to an agent we use quite often to see what he could do. He gave me a price of 1,250.00 for the same airline but with the L.A. to Houston segment included in the price. I have also bought tickets online with similar results. If you don't get the price you need one day, try again another day, I have saved over 500.00 per ticket doing this in the past. I don't think that even the airlines know what they are going to charge from day to day. A bit of caution though, the price you see today may be higher tomorrow as well as lower so when something in your budget comes up, jump on it.

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  • Warning industry insights*

Just a word of warning that as someone who works as a travel agent now, always ask how much the fare was marked up... because for some damn reason there are no regulations (whether it be govenmental or moral) on ripping travellers off (could be thousands of dollars!)

So if you ask how much a fare is marked up it will shock the travel agent.. actually even ask for them to turn the computer screen around so you can see exactly how much money they are making off of you before they package it together.

You'll be surprised how much cheaper your tickets are!

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Thanks all for your replies and tips :) I will be sure to check out the websites mentioned! Thanks kiwiklou for your little travel agent shocker tactic, i'll remember to spring that on any should I feel they are acting a bit too nice ;)

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I have to disagree with kiwiklou!
I'm also a travel agent and I don't it's fair to ask those kind of questions to a travel agent. Travel agents have to make money to stay in business. They look at all of the flight options for you and try and find the best option for you. They will look at other things rather than just price like airline routings, change and cancellation penalities. They can also help you if you have any problems overseas.
You wouldn't go to a mechanic to get your car fixed and then ask how much they are making from the price you pay and you also won't say that you found the part online at $20 so why should have you have pay an additional $100 for the mechanic to fit it. It's the same with a travel agent.
Depending on the country where you are, some travel agents will not make any money off a ticket, they have to charge a fee to make it worth while. In other countries agents will make a maximum of 4% off a Star Alliance or One World Round the World ticket.
Just my two cents worth!

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Ok Chemgal... yeah yeah I agree that to an extent the price mark-ups/matching or whatever is reasonable (and neccesary) and that we do need to make money...... but come on.... I had a collegue that marked up various flights thousands of dollars... but yeah he did make almost a hundred thousand per annum... I guess to 'stay in business'

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It's all a matter of educating yourself. First of all, I'm no expert. At one time I did work for Pan American, but that was many moons ago. There are deals to be had out there, and there are deals that no travel agent is aware of. If I were to go RTW, I would shop agents from here to London. Do you really need an agent at all? Do you really need a single ticket to take you RTW or would you be better off buying enroute. Airlines do put seats on sale - that's a fact. It's all in supply and demand. I spent a good 12 hours online earlier in the year buying my return ticket to SE Asia (I knew there was a better deal out there, and I finally found it). One has to be ultra-flexible with dates and airports. I only fly 4 or 5 star carriers.