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I'm planing a big trip with my sister, should last about 14 to 15 months.
We have been working on an Itinerary, this is what we have at the moment:

USA- 2 1/2 months
Canada- 3 months
Australia- 3 months
New Zealand- 1 month
Fiji- 2 weeks
China- 3 weeks
Japan- 1 week
Vietnam- 3 weeks
Thailand- 4 weeks
Cambodia- 2 weeks
Malaysia- 2 weeks
Singapore- 1 week
Laos- 2 weeks
Philippines- 2 weeks

Any feedback/suggestions on these places would be great. Is there anywhere we have left out, can you recommend any must-sees?

For this whole trip we hope to have EUR35000-40000 together, stay cheap mostly. Does that still realistic & managable?

Any help would be super....

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Hi Nikki

wil try and help alittle with bits that i can

not sure where your setting out from and what time of year but your route looks abit jumbled(this could be totally wrong depending on season , but I would suggest from canada you go to fiji- new zealand-australia-phillippines-malaysia-singapore-thailand-cambodia-vietnam-laos-china-japan( but again watch out for what time of year you in each place as weather can effect alot of things)

Is you timeline flexable as I would recommend you spend longer in japan as its a amazin place and a week would give it no justice plus you would miss out on so much. also i would spend longer in cambodia,laos and vietnam(i spent 3mths and still thought i missed out on places)

Money wise if my conversion is right thats about £32000(40000 euro) between you which should be fine.

Cant help with canada or new zealand as only goin there myself this year but any questions on the others I might be able to help with as been to most(though afew years ago) just give me a shout

enjoy your trip

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Thanks very much for the reply...
Sorry, think i got it a bit mixed up...:)

We are planning on heading off probably in may and start off in asia. We are then working our way to australia, fiji, new zealand. After that we wanna go to canada, will have to be winter (late winter) cause we want to do some skiiing. Then heading to the USA and will then unfortunately come home :(

Cheers for the tips, will definately think about extending our stay in the areas you mentioned. If you have any specific tips, what definately to see & what not... that would be appreciated.


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yeah can give you some ideas of places to go, its always hard when your not sure what the persons interest are and what your wanting to achieve plus alot depends on personal prefences but hopefully these should give you some pointers, here we go

firstly in se asia its very easy to overdose on temples so id select just afew, try and work them into your route

secondly i apologise if any of my spelling of place names are wrong as been a while since i been(hopefully should still be there)

japan- places that might interest you- tokoyo, iriomot jima, koya san, nikko, nara, mount fiji, hiroshima, nagasaki, kyoto. depending on time there also kamikochi, fuknuka and yakushima

vietnam- hon ong, hoi an, lak lake, nha trang and the north is very scenic plus good trek up si pan

cambodia- temples of angkor, especially angkor wat, yeak laom, ream national park(full of monkeys) and sihanoukville but be careful here.

laos- vang viang, that chomsi, si phan don

these just afew that spring to mind off top of head, most are quite touristy(some more than others)

hopefully its helped you out alittle, any more questions or recommendations just let me know

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It looks a wonderful trip full of fun and adventure. I hope it will be good and I would not hesitate to recommend Africa and specifically Tanzania teaming with variety of wildlife,Mt. Kilimanjaro,Ngorongoro Crater,Oldovai Gorge,the famous Serengeti National Park with vast Plains and not forgeting the beraches of Zanzibar. Visit to the indigineous tribe ,the Maasai will add some cultural taste of Africa.
You never know. The cost is seeminly enough.