Do RTW flights expire after 1 Year?

Travel Forums General Talk Do RTW flights expire after 1 Year?

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I have my RTW flight booked and am due to leave in 78 days (not like i am counting), and was thinking over the weekend that there is a good chance that i will be travelling for longer than a year, but realised that our tickets only last for one year.

I emailed my 'rep' at Travel national and she confirmed that the ticket is only valid for year and advised that when she was travelling she had to purchase a new ticket to return home! This seems a little crazy to me, considering how much you have paid for the ticket and just wanted to know if there was another way around it?

Has anybody travelled for over and year and returned on the same ticket?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi There

I have not gone yet but I have a RTW ticket too and we plan to be away for 12mths - 2 years. As far as I know (and I'm pretty much 100% on this) once the 12 months is up then you need to make your own way home again or forfeit your ticket home and get a separate flight when you are ready.

We are reserving a chunk of our budget in a separate account so we always have that available to get home again when we have run out of ££ or $$!!

Sophie (off in 48 days!)

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Generally all airline tickets are only valid for 12 months from the date of departure. Some agencies have specific contracted fares that allow tickets to be valid for longer than 12 months, generally 18 months. However I know that most of these fares have been withdrawn in the last couple of years.
When I worked at STA Travel, we had fares from NZ to Europe with Thai Airways and British Airways that were valid for 18 hours. I think they still have the Thai Airways fares but I know the British Airways ones were withdrawn globally by BA.
If you plan on being away for longer than 12 months, it worth looking in oneway tickets. Just be careful as some countries require you to have a ticket out of the country if you are entering as a tourist. If you have a working holiday visa for NZ or Australia, you can buy a oneway ticket to NZ or Australia and then purchase your return ticket in NZ or Australia. It will be more expensive than a return ticket from the UK but you will have more flexibility.