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I know this topic comes up a lot but...

I know there is bound to be some people out there who have either planned a volunteering based trip or have ended up falling into it, The problem with me is that i cant afford all of these crazy fees, in a way i just to walk into a village, hospital, school or whatever and just start helping.

What are the formalities? anyone got any advice, experiences or tips?

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Just do a search on no fee volunteering on this site. I've seen a bunch of posts and info- mostly SE Asia.

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The possibilities vary, and some do cost, but I really enjoy www.idealist.org

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Me too!!!!
I'm searching for a no fee volunteering project in India but I don't find a cheap one :(!!
well, I've found cheap ones, like 350 USD for 3 weeks, but they make me payed other things and, at the end, it's quite expensive...
Does anyone have any experience with a good project??
I don't have problem to pay for the meals and the stay, but I know that India is quite cheap so...etc etc etc

Anyone can give me web-sites or contacts details???


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Hi i also want to volunteer was considering i-i and fundraising for the money alot of prep though and expensive!! Has anyone used the above link http://www.helpx.net/ Any experiences to share from using this site??

Info would be appreciated


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I've used Helpx before and had a great experience volunteering on an organic farm in Austria. I recommend the site, just be smart, and make sure the people you are helping have some sort of references. Or you could be adventurous and go anyway! :P This is really better for North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, however. If you would like to volunteer in developing countries, there are not too many entries. I've heard good things about idealist.org, though!

Woofing (http://www.wwoof.org/) is also good, similar to helpx but exclusively for farms, with no reference system, and you have to pay per country. (Helpx you pay a fee for membership and can access all countries).

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