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Hello my names Mat

Im currently living in London but im an australian citizen(I was born in Australia). I am both Australian And Britsh
( I have both passports) and I am desperately seeking/wanted to go to Canada To work
on a Ski mountain in this winter mabye move around July-October was hoping to set myself up in Whistler(ive read a survival guid that seems like it will give me a good plan to move there money wise ect).
Ive been trying to search for information for the last week and cant seem to find the best way to do it.

I am unsure if the best way is a Working Holiday Program To get my work visa and if I should do it through my Australian Passport or My english(im currently living in London so that could complicat things). Ive jsut read on the english site their work program is closed for non students for 2008(on the bunac site) which means i might of missed it. I really jsut want to leave here with a one-way ticket and buy a flight (unsure to austrlia or england)when im in canada at a later date, so Im guessing I need a work permit To get into the country?. Ive read australia has a good work holiday program but do I need to have a job before I leave the uk? and how do I apply. Is a Work Holiday program mean you get the job position before you leave or could i jsut use it to for the work permit and get the job while im in the country? Or is there a way I can jsut get a normal work permit without having a job before entereing the country? Im 20 years old if that makes any difference.

Im realling hoping you may be able to help me with my questions as everything on the internet is spread out ect. Thanks alot for your time.


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Hi Mat,
Firstly when you talk about a work permit I assume you mean the working holiday visa for Canada??!!??
You have a choice, you can either apply for the visa in your British passport or your Australian passport. If you choose to apply with your British passport then you will have to apply through BUNAC as they are the only people who can issue the visas in the UK. You might have to wait until 2009 as they have closed the programme for 2008. If you apply with your Australian passport then you can apply directly through the Canadian Consulate General in Sydney. Check out their website. You have to send your application to Sydney so this might take a bit longer. However the visa is emailed to you so you don't have to worry about getting it sent to you in the UK.
You have 12 months to enter Canada from when your visa is issued. If you apply with your British passport then you will get a 12 month visa. With your Australian passport, you will get a 24 month visa.
If you do end up working in Whistler, you'll meet heaps of other Aussies! It can be quite hard to find a place to live in any of the ski villages in Canada.
Good Luck! :)

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Thankyou so much for the reply, ahhh more aussies there bloody everywhere! So it looks like I dont have a choice i have to apply for my working Holiday visa on my Australian passport theres no way I can stand another winter in england!

To be honest it doesnt matter which mountain I go to im quite unsure i think i jsut chose whistler because it sounds good and seems like its quite do-able and being close to vancouver. I really dont have a clue though.Ive jsut read through the site you gave me and they say I get a letter that I pay $160 for does this mean its not a visa nad I have to pay for it at the port or entry again?

Also is there any recomendations of the way I should go about it,in australia they have got open days to get work ect but is it jsut as possible for me to get work by just going there?,I cant make it to those days because im in london obviously,

Thanks again for the info and any advice at all is greatly apreciated. Thanks


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The Canadian Consulate General will issue a "Letter of Introduction" to you which you have to present at the point of entry into Canada. Then the Immigration staff will issue your work permit and put it into your passport. You will need to go to a special Immigration Canada office when you arrive at the airport. It's pretty well signposted. You have to pay the $160 fee to the Canadian Consulate General in Sydney to issue the letter.
I've heard that Whistler is a nice place to work and it does have the bonus of being close to Vancouver. The ski hill will have a job fair in October or November and that will be the best place to get a job. The hill probably won't open until at least the beginning of December.
Most of the ski areas have job fairs in October or November and you can generally get a job on the spot. I live just outside Banff National Park and I would totally recommend this area. Banff has three ski hills and is a bit of a party town. There is a worker shortage here so you shouldn't have any trouble getting a job.
If you don't want to be surrounded by Aussies and Brits then don't work on a ski hill. If you take a job in a smaller town or a city, then you will meet more Canadians.

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Over the last few years since the non-student BUNAC visa (for UK citizens) has been operating, I believe there has not been a year go by when BUNAC has not re-opened applications to non-students. Even last year when they were making clear on their website that they had a long waiting list, BUNAC still re-opened that visa for a short while as people probably dropped out.

They announce this on their website, but you need to keep an eye open for it as it's easy to miss!

In fact, some years they've even re-opened non-student visas for Canada 2 or even 3 times.

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