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Hello All

Not really a question here, more my thoughts and fears, just wanting to see what you all think...

Well for the last 2 years my partner and i have been working and living in the UK. Originally coming over our plan was to only stay for 1 to 2 years seeing as much of Europe as we could in that time then on our way back to Australia travel for 6 to 12 months in North America, South America, NZ and South East Asia. So given those plans we should be embarking on that now.

The problem is that we intend to stay here for at least another 2 years in the UK. So our plans are still the same for what to do when we head back to Australia but lately i have been having this feeling that by delaying the grand trip round the world all the amazing places that i have in mind will be becoming more and more on the travel radar. Particularly with South East Asia and South America they are becoming a lot more visited each and every day with flights decreasing in price and so many people realising that it is so cheap in comparison to other places to spend time there. All of this leading to the places losing their charm with increased tourism.

So really it all boils down to the question, Am i missing on anything out by delaying my travels by 2 years at LEAST? One part of me thinks that i would be best to just get on the road tomorrow, but the sensible side of me knows that i still want to see a lot more of europe and enjoy the current lifestyle we hold in the UK.

Dunno, maybe as im nearing the 30 mark i am getting closer to midlife crisis point and starting to worry too much. What do you all think? Have you visited somewhere and then been back a couple of years later to find that the overall feel and vibe of the place has sufferred because of increased tourism? Maybe conversly, it has made the place better to travel to?



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Since I'm twice your age, I'm sure I have a much different perspective. I do notice, however, that the world gets smaller each and every month. I do believe that one day the entire planet will be connected to a wireless router and all innocence will be a thing of the past. I think we're very close now!

All I know is that I plan to seek out those places that offer the traveler the unusual. I have found that while comfort might not be available, the people tend to be more welcoming and often just as curious to see us as we are to see them. Once I've exhausted all of these little gems, I will then be ready to lie on a beach in Thailand.

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