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Right ive heard you are unable to take any food into Australia and that they are pretty quick off the mark at discovering it. But does anyone know on taking in food supplements? i'd be looking to take a multi vitamin, vitamin C pills and Acidophillus pills (healthy bacteria as i suffer from IBS) does anyone know if they are ok to take?

Any is there anything else (apart from the obvious) that you are not allowed to take into Thailand or Australia?



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I found this website for Australia which lists things that are restricted. It doesn't specifically say food supplements but your stuff may fall into the medicinal category and may need to be delared, or have a doctors letter. It also lists other things you may have problems with.

Can't find anything much for Thailand but try the following websites

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Ask Sylvester Stallone!

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I dont really know anything about customs laws, but all the things you mentioned are readily available in most supermarkets.. so if you acnt bring your own, you won't have any trouble getting more:)

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If you make the yes thing on your entry form entering Australia and go through the red lane then you most likely wont have any problems and wont get in trouble. If you mark the no box and go through the green lane then you most likely will get in trouble if they find them in your bag and probably fined for lying on your form. The Australian customs people are rude and amongst the strictest in the world. They take no nonsense and are more than happy to give you a nasty fine and give you a black mark next to your name so that you have a lot of problems everywhere you fly in to especially Australia. Better to just play it safe rather than risk getting given a massive lecture.

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Customs helps administer border entry for quarantine in Australia.

You can bring many types of foods into Australia, but there are some items that are not permitted.

Here is a checklist:

1) Always read your immigration card and answer it truthfully.
2) Food in the way of fresh food is questionable. It will need to be declared and it will be up to a quarantine officer to determine whether it can enter the country. If you HAVE declared it...there is no penalty. If NOT declared, then you face a warning, fine ($100-220), or prosecution.
3) Food such as chocolate, snacks (chips etc) is allowed, although you should declare this to quarantine prior to leaving. Don't declare this to customs as this will delay your entry process. If you just have chocolate, only tell them as you go through the green or red exits. So long as you declare an item to a quarantine officer PRIOR to them discovering it, you can not be prosecuted. The underlying thing is that fresh food is not allowed.
4) Do not attempt to import any fruit, plants, seed, bee products, milk products, meat products. These are prohibited.
5) Any vitamin or food supplement is allowed. You should always check that it does not contain any prohibited substances, but things such as vitamin C are fine.