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Hi, My name is Donnita. I just joined because I found this quite interesting since I have always wanted to work in the Travel Industry. My dream was to always be a Flight Attendant, but just seems that its so hard to become one. So I have been checking the net for jobs that involve traveling, cause this is what I want to do is travel and fly. I work my butt off at Walmart and its time for me to get out of that place. Any suggestions as to finding that job that involves travel or being a Flight Attendant. Appreciate it very much.

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hi donnita, welcome to tp. i just quit my job at a travel agency and work in a hotel. maybe i'll want to try to be a flight attendant but yeah, it seems to be quite hard. looking for a job in a travel agent would be good for you if you want to fly around for free since flight attendant looks to be a bit hard gd luck!!!

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Hello and welcome to TP:)