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1. Posted by nicola29 (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Well where do i start. Yes i am dying to go to new zealand in winter but i have a big problem. why is life so complicated. well i live in majorca and work in a shity waitress job, yes i love the job and the holidaymakers BUT i am getting fed up of being treated like a new worker off my colleagues. I am going to save all summer which will end up saving 7 thousand euros. but last summer i met my boyfriend who i live with now and i love him soooooooooo........ much. BUT i dont wanna live in majorca for the rest of my life. there is a big world out there, i am 29 and not getting any younger thats why i really need to go and see new zealand: So

1. I hate my job but love my boyfriend what should i do?

2. My boyfriend wants to stay in majorca and not go travelling anywhere else?

3. i dont want to waitress for the rest of my life when i really would love to have a career in travel?

4. I really wanna goto new zealand.

I am sooooooooo confused about everything. I know 1 thing and that is i never ever wanna live back in uk. HELP HELP

2. Posted by nzkatenz (Budding Member 51 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Ohh no thats not easy!!

Mayeb you should come to New Zealand for a bit after you have saved... And just see what you think? Then if you still want to come here for longer, you and your boyfriend will have to work out what you want to do..

You could look into tourism type qualifications here, there are alot of courses and things for that. Maybe you could come and study here then head back over to Europe etc?

Or try and convince your boyfriend to come over, he'll love it once your here!!

Good luck

(if you do make it to New Zealand, contact me if i can help with anything!)

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I lived and worked in NZ for over 15 Years not to forget I married a kiwi as well. NZ is such a beautiful place but work wise dont expect a lot when it comes to wages, it's crap !

Personally like all places there are good and bad but whilst living there I found it to be very expensive especially the cost of living. One thing I must say is that all kiwi's are great people and very welcoming and down to earth. I would look at having an open ticket that is valid for 12 months and also get yourself a working visa, that way you can atleast have the option of staying longer are leaving early.

As for the boyfriend well...... I remember most of them are pains especially when it comes to travelling. I belive do what you feel is best for yourself, you only live once so enjoy it, if it is ment to be he will join you :)

Good luck & Happy Travels

4. Posted by akiwiroo (Budding Member 37 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi, Akiwiroo again

When you have the time look up these sites this will help you regarding work and give you a idea of wages.