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Does anyone have any experience of the Plymouth-Banjul rally or just driving through West Africa in general?

A group of us are striking out in November and are up for any advise/tips/banter related to the drive.

Sounds like fun.....


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You should PM Wouterr, he drove there about a year ago and sold his french car in Gambia or Senegal.
He is not around TP that much anymore, but he might check things regularly

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oh its fun. ask ahead. what do u want to know. i drove in 5 weeks from the Netherlands to Gambia (I sold my car at the border of Gambia). I drove in a peugeot 605 from 1993. I didnt have any experience with mechanics of this car. Africans are good with the repairing of especially mercedes and peugeot. Luckily i did not have any problems with my car. I sold it for double the price i paid for in Holland (bought for 950 euro sold for 2200 euro). The entire road is smoothly tarred. bad roads start in Senegal (potholes). It will be an experience you never forget. If u want to know more, please ask ahead!

PS: look in my photogallery for some pics of this trip...

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my god - i haven't checked travellerspoint for ages. apologies to all. so, anyway i am off on ply-banjul trip in 2 weeks and am very excited!!

we have a 1989 vw polo, a 1981 volvo estate and a 1984 bedford ambulance!! all are fixed up, full of kit and almost ready to go. we still need a few more spares etc.

we have raised over £2000 for charity so far and have 2 further events organised. for more information and to donate if you fancy it :)

wouterr, quick questions... did you drive the tarred road to nouakchott through mauritania? are there places to stop for petrol and supplies along the way? how long did it take to drive? we are thinking just 2 days for that stretch. can you pick up mechanics to travel with you if needed? our chief mechanic pulled out last minute and we are left in the lurch a bit