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1. Posted by 02pooto (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi. My name's Tom and I'm planning to go round the world thru 62 countries in a couple of years by walking/biking/hitchiking (with one train ride). My proposed route is as follows: (I know it's long but I will have all the time in the world.) England - cycle to Dover from Midlands. France - traverse along pas de calais coast into Belgium. Belgum - Brugges + Antwerp b4 continuing to Netherlands. Netherlands - to Amster and thru Friesland into Germany. Germany - up thru Hamburg and into Denmark. From there travel north west into Sweden and Finland taking in Stockholm + Helsinki. From there, Russia going to st Petersburg and finally Moscow - from the getting the trans-siberian train to Beijing, China. Then progress dwon along the Chinese coast to Vietnam. - travelling the entirety of vietnam from north to south before crossing thru Cambodia to Thailand heading for the Thailand? Malaysia border. Then Singapore b4 making my way over land to Jakharta, Indonesia; travel the coast and island ho to east Timor before crossing over by sea to Drawin, Australia. (Breathe)...
Go straight down the highway from the outback of Australia to Alice Spirngs, Uluru/ayers rock b4 contiuning to Adelaide, then travel along east coast to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney + Brisbane making way up to papua new guinea, island corssing back thru indonesia to Taiwan. From there Traverse Japan from north to south including the 88 temple pilgramage on Shikoku. At the head of Japan cross into Russia up to the Bering Strait and cross into Alaska (somehow), then going to into and across the whole of Canada and Michigan to New Brunswick (where a friend lives). Then from Maine travel down the Eastern USA along the Appalachian trail and contiuing into Florida Island hop (bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, St lucia, Trinidad etc) before finally making Venezuala. From here travel across rural Brazil thru the entirity of Peru and into Chile to Santiago. From that City I ill head into Argentina to Buenos Aries.
Hopefully I can get a boat from Buenos Aries to Cape town and go up Africa thru Botswana and Zambia, then maing a long stop in Malawi (Cape Maclear:)). Travel thru Tanzania Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, crossing from Eritrea to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia skipping Sudan in mind to get to Egypt as quick as posible. will then make may way to Cairo and Alexandria, the latter from which I will Travel along the coast in Libya till Tunis, Tunisia. Ferry/swim whatever into Sicily, up the boot of Italy and up thru the alps into France Making my way to a leisurely stop in Paris before Calais and ... home. 62 stops and home!
Ok I am aware it's idiotic, suicidal whatnot but what do you think. And could anyone give me advice on.............
1. Crossing the Bering strait, 2. Going thru Brazil (looks all jungle to me). 3. Getting (prefably by sea) to south Africa from Buenos Aries. Danke!! and don't shoot it down too much please

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stop by the Philippines! I'll treat you to lunch! You can do it!

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amazing,balls of steel.all the best.have a wicked time.

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sounds fantastic :)

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Philippines it is then! Where abouts should I go? (bearing in mind i'm heading to Taiwan)

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Sounds like the craziest and yet best trip ever!!:)

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Sounds great, good luck with it!

One section you won't be able to do unless you can get one of the most stubborn and stupid governments in the world to change the law for you is the bering strait bit. No official entry/exit port is close to that area of Russia. Someone attempted something similar (only from Alaska - Russia) a few years back only to get within seeing distance of the land that represents mainland Russia only to get sent back out by armed patrolmen back towards Alaska.

Maybe if the Russian government can grow a brain and think to build a tunnel across the Bering strait connecting Russia and Alaska before you want to attempt such thing you might have a chance, but I think we have a better chance of the human race one day living in a space station on Jupiter than the Russian government ever letting this thing that should have been done decades ago eventuate.

To make the himself feel as though it wasn't a complete failure, he instead could claim he did reach Russia because about half way between Alaska and mainland Russia two small islands which are home to unmanned weather stations exist. He stepped foot on the small island known as Big Diomede Island. This is a Russian island seeing it was unmanned he was at least able to lay claim to walking from Alaska - Russia. If you get google earth, you can zoom down on these little islands that I am talking about.

With a plan like yours you probably wont even get in to Russia on the first entry unless you can bribe the border guards to let you in without a visa. To get a visa you need to supply "proof" of onward travel and as you won't have proof you plan on entering when you say or leaving when you say and these are two key requirements for being issued a Russian visa you will in all likelyhood be dinied a visa and hence unless you manage to enter illegally will not get in. Maybe you could get a boat way out in to the pacific and head up to the bering strait there to get in the centre some where close to the dolomite islands there.

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Check out KArl Bushby's site Goliathexpedition (search it), he's crossed many of these places on foot, or swim. Buy the book too, its a good read for RTW by land.

Above is right, Bering Straits, VISA - Russia are your biggest worries. Also Colombia into Panama, then of course is Cost... all is actually quite affordable, bar if you plan no flight, the long haul sea stuff there's frieght companys that will take you but again costly, and your time limits too.

Either way, all the very best in the amazing trip


9. Posted by 02pooto (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Major bummer . I suppose I could get a plane from Japan to Anchorage, Alaska.
Karl Bushby went from Alaska to Russia, If I could get into russia from japan the russians surely wouldn't have any problem with me crossing to alaska would they? I could run to the border lol

10. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting 02pooto

If I could get into russia from japan the russians surely wouldn't have any problem with me crossing to alaska would they?

You are talking Russia now! This is the same country that's government requires all foreigners to register where they are staying if in the one spot for more than 72 business hours and also requires you to by law prebook all your accommodation before you go on a tourist visa. They will do anything to make sure a foreigner doesn't have an easy life and doesn't get what they want without paying big dollars.

Even to get a Russian visa processed in quick time costs $400AUD which at current rate is around 190pounds! The police are very corrupt in Russia so maybe you could bribe a police officer to let you do the stuff you want, but I think you'll need a fair bit of cash because you'd need to bribe a lot more than 1.

Check out for some info on realistic ways of crossing the Bering Strait and some links with stories about people who have tried doing what you want to do.