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Help!!! We are having a lot of trouble trying to book a Oneworld Explorer RTW ticket. We live in Canada and have carefully read the Oneworld Explorer rule sheet when travel originates in a country for which a specific local currency fare is published and the ticket is sold in another country, the fare will be that published for the country of origin converted to the currency of the country of sale at the bank selling rate. The resultant fare must not be lower than from the country of sale. EXCEPTION: NOT APPLICABLE FOR SALES MADE AND/OR TRAVEL ORIGINATING IN CANADA.

We tried calling British Airways who routed us to the New York office who after about two weeks advised that they could only quote us the price from the United States. We then called British Airways in London to book and the agent we originally talked to said he checked with a supervisor and confirmed the exception and that we would pay the United Kingdom price. He also checked and confirmed that we could pay at any British Airways counter at any airport. After three weeks of going back and forth and him never returning our calls, he says that they will only quote us a Canadian price (which is substantially higher than the UK price). We even volunteered to have one of us fly over there and pay for the tickets but they still won't quote us a UK price.

Any help or suggestions out there??

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Have you not been in to a travel agency in Canada?

On an Australian travel agent website it states "For tickets not issued in AUD/GBP/USD convert
the AUD amount at the BSR"

At the moment the BSR is 0.9217 for converting AUD-CAD and for the Oneworld Explorer RTW ticket the rates in AUD are $3289AUD for 29,000 miles in Low Season 34,000 miles is $3849AUD or 39,000 miles is $4489 plus taxes.

This should mean that if you commenced the trip on a date in the low season, $3032CAD would be for the 29,000 miles, $3548CAD for 34,000 miles or $4138CAD for 39,000 miles plus taxes on all of those prices. This should be the correct price if you purchased from an Australian travel agent, but then you would have the currency conversions that go on to that as well which would be determined by your bank and any charges that a travel agency puts on top which can vary depending on where you get it from.

Surely if you find a travel agency in Canada they will be able to arrange this for you.

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hello zowie

i might recommend the star alliance. the same exception exists.
basically put because of this exception, it would be possible to pay a lower rtw price. for example the star rtw for itins up to 29000 miles would be 4767 cad for departures from canada. if you were to go around the world but begin and end in the uk, the fare might be 1700 GBP converted to approx 3400 cad using today's bsr providing the sale is made in canada, ie you purchase the ticket thru air canada, you could qualify for the lower price.
of course you still need to get to the uk to start your journey and get back once you are done.
does this help