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Hello travelers! I will be in South American July-August beginning in Santiago-Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro. I am having difficulties finding transportation websites (bus/train). Can anyone help me out? I'm leery of arriving in SA and having to wing everything. Is it alright to just buy your tickets when it's time to make the trip?

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I feel you, I wish bus line had the same type of web sites as airlines do.In all the research Ive done (a ton) every one every where says that the bus systems are good, clean and reliable! From my experience through out Central America And Mexico I have no doubt that one can count on using buses!

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Yep, like watchdog said.
Especially in Chile, Argentina and Brazil buses are very good, reliable, comfortable (most have toilets) and usually relatively cheap and not slow at all, although compared to expensive planes it is slower of course.

The reason that most of the schedules, prices etc is not available online, is the fact that there are so many bus companies, offering so many buses a day or even an hour that it is both undoable to keep things up to date and also not necessary because you can be on your way within a few hours to almost everywhere.